Talking Openly About Your Fetish

Talking Openly About Your Fetish

There are lots of different types of fetish out there. Some of them are relatively simple: they may involve nipples, genitals or certain acts of role play. Others may be a lot more specific: they could include the likes of whips, chains or even "furries" (dressing up as anthropomorphic animals). There is literally a whole range of different things that could be turned into a fetish and they are different for everyone. However, a lot of people may feel embarrassed about the fetishes and fantasies that they have.

Talking To Your Partner

Your sexual fetishes and fantasies are one thing that you should be able to talk to your partner about openly. While it can sometimes be difficult, remember that your partner may have the same. It could very well be that your fetishes and fantasies line up and complement each other: even if they don’t, a lot of couples are happy to compromise and do things that make their partner happy. The key here, however, is to make sure that the communication is as open and honest as possible!

Online Forums

If you are embarrassed to talk about your fetishes openly straight off the bat, then simply make sure to take a look at the options when it comes to online forums. There are a lot of websites where you can go and ask questions and see what others have to say. Participating in discussion groups can get you more comfortable speaking about these kinds of topics so you will know how to approach them in real life.

The important thing to remember is that talking about fantasies is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of people are becoming more open about them these days and you can find a lot of them online.


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