What Women Want In Bed in 2020

What Women Want In Bed in 2020

A lot of men think that they know exactly what women want in bed. Whether this is male ego or just a fear of asking women directly, it’s not really clear. However, combined with the fact that a lot of women are also afraid of speaking up and asking for what they want, this leads to plenty of unfulfilling sexual encounters.

To counteract that, we’d like to present a list of some of the top things women really want in bed.

  • More foreplay : Instead of jumping right in, the vast majority of women asked stated they all want more foreplay. Not only does it increase the odds of orgasm, it also makes your partner feel like she is the most important person in the world when you pay extra attention to her.
  • Surprise Us : The longer you’ve been together, the more predictable sex can get. However, a lot of women would love to be surprised by you in unpredictable places or at unpredictable times. Get frisky in the kitchen. Send a text during the day about getting lucky right when you get home. Different is exciting, and can remind you both what you love about each other.
  • Compliment Us More : Logically, if we’re having sex, you think we’re attractive. But it’s easy to feel self conscious when the clothes come off. Tell us how beautiful we are when we’re naked, talk about the parts of our body that really turn you on. We may not believe it, but it helps to hear it.
  • Bring The Romance : Light some candles, put rose petals on the bed, meet us at the door with a glass of our favorite wine and the lights down low. Putting a little additional effort into making alone time special and romantic does a lot for how turned on we get.
  • Be Patient : Generally speaking, it takes women longer to have orgasms than men. What they don’t talk about is that women are perceptive, and we know if you’re starting to get bored or impatient. Just telling us to take our time, and not watching the clock, lets us relax enough to be able to focus more on getting off.
  • Be Vocal : Seriously, if it feels good, let us know! Just moaning your approval to something we’re doing boosts our ego and turns us on more than you know. Don’t hold those noises in, let them out!
  • Don’t Forget About Our G-Spot! : When foreplay gets skipped or done too quickly, lots of women’s erogenous zones get missed. This is unfortunate, because the g-spot is one of the most pleasurable and exciting spots of the female body! Want to make your partner literally shake? Remember the g-spot, which can be found by making a “come here” motion with your fingers while they are inside of her. Not to mention, this means extra foreplay!



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