Libido Boosting Tips For Women

Libido Boosting Tips For Women

 Low sex drive in women is nearly becoming an epidemic. Recent studies have shown that up to 70% of Australian women between the ages of 40 and 65 years old. However, the good news is that there are so many more tips, tricks, and even medications available to help combat it. If you’ve been looking to boost your libido but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! We’re going to discuss a variety of options today, even some featuring products you probably have at home already.


Medications and Therapy


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of seeing a medical doctor for help, if at all possible. They are the only ones who can safely prescribe medications and give medical advice. If you’re in a longterm relationship, you should also consider couples counseling to try and see if there is an emotional cause.


Stress can massively affect the sex drive. So can communication. Take an honest look at your stress level and the amount of communication between you and your partner (if you’re in a relationship). Being able to relax and talk honestly about the issues you may be having can make a huge difference, not only in your relationship but also with your personal libido.


You should also take a look at other medications you may be taking. Anti-depressants specifically can lower the sex drive, and you may need to see your doctor about changing the dose or the medication entirely.


Lifestyle Remedies


Feeling better about yourself is one of the best ways to naturally boost your libido. Things like exercise release endorphins that just generally make you happier. The great news is that any exercise works - yoga, running, hiking, swimming, etc! Just get out there and get your body moving.


Women can also try home pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor can affect the ability to have an orgasm, so practicing them at home may help. The best way to do this is by trying to stop your stream of urine when you go to the bathroom to help isolate the right muscles.


Alternative Medicine and Foods


More and more women have turned to treating their low libido with alternative medicine, like over the counter herbal supplements and foods. While issues should always be checked out first by a medical doctor (especially to make sure there are no interactions with any medication you may currently be taking), alternative medicines are a great way to try and help yourself!


Some of the more popular over the counter options are Avlimil, which has been reported to be similar to Viagra, only for women. This is an oral medication that works to naturally increase the body’s estrogen. People with a strong family history should be careful, however, as increased estrogen can increase the risk of developing certain cancers like breast cancer. Another supplement that people have found a lot of success with is a topical medication called Zestra. Zestra is applied directly to the clitoris, labia, and vagina and is said to increase both arousal and pleasure.


Another natural libido-boosting tool is food! While all foods can be sexy, certain foods are more well known for their ability to increase libido. Here is just a short list :

  •        Walnuts
  •        Watermelon
  •        Soy
  •        Bananas
  •        Spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and cayenne
  •        Asparagus
  •        Dark chocolate
  •        Black raspberries
  •        Broccoli
  •        Figs
  •        Eggs
  •        Ginseng
  •        Saffron
  •        Lettuce
  •        Ginger


Spice Up Your Love Life


Sometimes the issue with libido is just boredom, especially in longterm relationships where you and your partner have been together for a while. Fixing this can be just as easy as spicing up your sex life! Try new toys, role play, different positions, different places to have sex, etc. Go on romantic dates with your partner, just enjoy each other’s company.


The best way to help boost your libido is whatever seems to work best for you, which is often a combination of the things we’ve discussed above. You deserve to have a good, fulfilling, even mind-blowing sex life. Go out there and get it!



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