Find Gold Coast Escorts Right Here

Find Gold Coast Escorts Right Here

There is no feeling on earth like the punter who has struck Gold and on the Gold Coast anything and everything is possible, the golden beaches, the buffed surfer boys and sexy girls, the swell report and the luxury hotels and the extravagant casinos. In a town where you can easily gamble the night away and god willing dance into the early morning, it takes two to tango and only the classiest Gold Coast escorts will do. Choose wisely and you will thank yourself for backing a winner and chasing a little erotic massage Gold Coast if you are very lucky. Boasting 52KM of gorgeous coastline and 300 days of life affirming sunshine per year the odds are firmly on your side and the vibe around town is extremely laid back, fashionable and chic. And you know what they don’t call it Surfers Paradise for nothing.


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The Sunshine State Has A Darker Side With Its BDSM Adventures

The Gold Coast is the ideal location for those who enjoy the beach lifestyle with all of the characteristics of a modern city. It's the holiday capital of Australia, with over ten million people visiting each year, meaning that although the atmosphere remains the same, there are always plenty of new faces out and about. Visitors aside, the residents are just as ready for fun, if not more so.

There's so much more to the Gold Coast than just the theme parks and attractions. Surfer's Paradise beach is the iconic destination for golden sand and unlimited sunshine all-year round. The subtropical climate makes the social scene on the Gold coast an ever-moving city that never sleeps. There's always a lounge bar, alfresco restaurant or cafe to hang out at before or after a surf session or a passionate time between the sheets. Gold coast escorts are the only companion you want when it's time to unwind or turn up the heat. These Playmates are also the best equipped to show you the brightest neon lights and the highest level of the many sky scrapers throughout the city.

If the weather or the company of a Gold Coast escort gets a little too hot, enjoy an afternoon splash in the cool water of the Pacific Ocean, or even a cheeky skinny dip in your own pool. There is no shortage of places to swim on the Gold Coast: from Surfer's Paradise to Burleigh Heads, to the waterfalls of Lamington National Park and Currumbin rock pools.

Gold Coast escorts are known for being premium, high class companions in peak physical condition. You’ll find a bronzed beauty to show you the time of your life with total ease on My Playmate. Any specific taste or desire you have within your mind can be found in the form of a private escort on the Gold Coast. You can forget everything else, when you’ve got the soft skin of an exquisite escort pressing against your body. A gold coast escort is the breath of fresh air on a balmy Queensland night.

There are glamorous Gold Coast escorts with supermodel stats that offer clients the full pornstar experience or PSE. A PSE escort will rock your world like the best of them, and their service lists often include anal, multiple orgasms during a booking and deepthroating. Of course, there are escorts in the Gold Coast area offering relaxed sessions of erotic massage, or girlfriend experiences (GFE). The Gold Coast escorts will give you a GFE that stimulates your body and your mind. They’ll pamper you with affection and deep French kissing, as well as full service sex. If you like a little pain with your pleasure, there are BDSM escorts and fetish specialists that can spank, whip and humiliate you or switch and submit to your whim.

Find your ideal sensual partner on MyPlaymate, whether male, female or transexual escort in Gold Coast. Lie back on a freshly made bed on the upper floors of a high-rise, and let your Gold Coast escort work her magic on you. You won’t consider taking in the view while in the presence of some of the best escorts in Australia.



Charlie Forde is so much more than just a Brisbane escort. Describing herself as the girl-next-door, you’d be incredibly lucky to be her neighbour. A genuinely kind and sharp young woman, Charlie began working as an escort about eighteen months ago. “I started out in an establishment then decided to make the move to the private sector,” she recalls. “I thought (a brothel) would be a really safe place for me to learn the ropes, and see if I even wanted to do that as a job or not.” In the brothel, Charlie says that having other working ladies, security guards and management for support was important.

After enough time, and some consultation from a friend who worked independently, Charlie made the move to being a solo sex worker. “When I was ready, I decided to launch my own business,” she says. “I met a girl who is a really dear friend of mine and she spoke to me about her private world experiences.” While not claiming to prefer one over another, Charlie says she has made many friends in the independent world and that there are positives to each side. “I don’t say I love one more than the other, but I am loving the private world.”

In terms of bookings, Charlie says her down to earth nature is the reason she primarily offers girlfriend experiences. It definitely seems in keeping with her personality. “I think there is a lot more to an experience than just sex,” she explains. “When they meet me, I talk to them like I talk to my best friends, I can’t help that. They’re never gonna have me pretend anything with them.” Never faking it in any capacity, and having empathy for the lives and stories of others makes for a unique and comfortable experience that clients are unlikely to forget. “I’m very genuine. I think that’s why people like me and come back to me regularly.”

As Down To Earth an Escort As The Gold Coast Offers

A ‘people-person’ in the truest form, Charlie’s experience as an escort has surely been boosted by her sincere love of human interaction, banter and interests for the inner workings of the human mind. Her non-judgemental approach to conversing and treating people with objective respect sets her apart. The ideal client doesn’t have to do a great deal, just be a nice person. Having an actual conversation with a good level of back-and-forth is appreciated by Charlie, who also enjoys a challenge. “I like intelligent conversation,” she says. “I like those talks when there are different opinions and you can have a good conversation.”

A session or booking with Charlie can be private and intimate, but venturing out for something different is always a welcome change. Charlie says it’s nice when a client has the confidence to suggest a dinner or activity. Understanding that it’s not everyone’s interest to head out on the town, Charlie is more than happy to keep it low-key and stay indoors. “I still enjoy just seeing people at my apartment,” she says. “Sharing a glass of wine, some cheese and having a chat with them – I find that interesting in itself. I’m a people watcher; I like to get to know people and what they’re like. Human psyche fascinates me.”

A recent convert to the benefits of pole fitness, Charlie is also feeling the physical friction outside her bookings. “People don’t realise how painful it is,” she says. “It’s quite scary when you’re 2 metres up and you’ve got to slide down.” To get to know her and experience the eloquence and charisma of this blonde beauty, contact her through her website or call her from a non-private number.



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