Why do men cheat?

Why do men cheat?

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Typically, this can be tied to confidence in that a partner is faithful, both emotionally and physically. Naturally, this is something that can be quite easy to break, which can wreak havoc on a relationship.

Cheating is perhaps the most common way that this is done. While many people may believe that this is a relatively rare occurrence, it could happen much more often than some people may think. According to reports, cheating is one of the leading causes of break-ups around the world.

Though men and women reportedly cheat at similar rates, men seem to engage in it slightly more often. This naturally leads to many people wondering why men cheat. While many people may believe that they know the answer to this, there can be a variety of reasons why they do so.

Though this can often vary from person to person, there are some reasons why men cheat that are more common than others.

Falling Out Of Love

Falling out of love is one of the more obvious reasons why men cheat, with this being quite common among many people who cheat. Lacking a certain amount of love for a partner is often quite a strong force in determining whether or not someone may cheat.

However, this doesn’t mean that it only comes into play months or years after a relationship has begun. In contrast, if a person isn’t in love with the partner, or not as in love as they should be, at any point in the relationship, then they could be much more likely to cheat.


Neglect can often be a reason why many men cheat, with this sometimes being tied to a lack of love. Many people may feel as though they’re not getting the attention they think they should be in a relationship.

A lot of this could be tied to sexual needs, although emotional and intellectual desires may also play a role in this. Should a person feel as though they’re being neglected in their relationship, then there’s a significant chance that they may cheat.

This is especially true as the perceived neglect goes on for a large amount of time. The more neglected a person feels, and for longer, then the more likely they may cheat to get the attention they want.

Sexual Variety

Naturally, sex will play a significant role in any long-term relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that everybody in a relationship will be having as much sex as they may want or even the type of sex they like. A lot of this can be related to fetishes, although consistency is often a major factor in this.

Should a person not have their sexual desires fulfilled, then they may be more likely to look elsewhere to have these needs met. While women occasionally report this as a reason that they cheat, men are much more likely to do so. As a result, it’s often one of the leading causes as to why people cheat.


Anger is one of the more surprising reasons why people may cheat, although it’s one of the somewhat less common reasons why it’s done. Despite this, it still plays a large role for quite a large number of people.

In these cases, people who cheat tend to do so to punish a partner or seek revenge. While the reason why they may feel angry will vary significantly, the end result is often the same.

Not Feeling Committed

While the majority of people in relationships are committed, there is a large number than may not be. This could be related to dissatisfaction in the relationship, lacking love for their partner, and more. Though some of these can often go hand-in-hand, they occasionally don’t, which could make this a slightly more complicated reason for cheating.

Some studies have shown that not being fully committed to a relationship is one of the leading causes of why men cheat. Much of this could be driven by a lack of satisfaction in the relationship, which will cause them to seek sex outside of the relationship.

Naturally, there can be a variety of other reasons why men cheat. Relationships can often be much more complicated than people think. This is because there’s quite a large number of things that are involved in it.

As such, while each of the above are some of the more common reasons why men cheat, they may not fully capture all of the reasons why they do so. Alongside this, some may cheat because of several factors, with each of these making them increasingly likely to stray outside of the relationship.

This is often one of the more likely reasons why men cheat. While one reason may be enough for someone to cheat, it’s typically a combination of several reasons over time. This could mean that there might not be a single force at play.


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