Cuckold... Definitely A Thing

Cuckold... Definitely A Thing

Consensual Adultery 

In its most primitive sense, the word Cuckold was derived from the Cuckoo Bird, alluding to its habit of laying eggs in the nests of other birds. The translation of this rather odd act was interpreted in medievil times to be of sexual importance among stags - a type of bird - and their rather unusual mating habits. Now, this might just seem a bit unusual, but bear with me. You see stags, quite unusually, fight for the right to mate with their preferred female counterpart. If a Stag loses, however, he is forced to forfeit his sexual companion to the winning male, thus giving him the right to "lay eggs" in the defeated stag's nest, a metaphor if you will for infidelity. Of course since then the translation of cuckold has taken on different meanings.

Today, the idea of Cuckold takes on an alternate meaning. It derives its existance around the dominance of females over their male partner - with the man's consent of course. The extent to which the female chooses to abuse her power is extensive, often looking to have sexual intercourse with other men. In this relationship the man is subordinate and a victim of the female's discipline. The idea of pleasure is contrived from the somewhat unconventional approach of sexual domination. The man is powerless, which heightens his sexual attraction, whilst the femle obtains satisfaciton by fornicating with other men to the detriment of her partner, much like the stag.

I once read a story about a couple who endeavoured into the world of cuckold. Their names weren't disclosed. The couple had found that their sexual activities were somewhat "Sub-par" of late and in a sheer move to "spice things up" they looked alternatively to embrace a cuckold experience. The man gave the "green light" for his partner to engage in sexual intercourse with a man she had met at a bar that night. At first he described the experience as somewhat unusual, but as the night progressed - unaware of his wife's current sexual engagemment with the man she had met at the bar - he became uneasy. The next morning his wife returned home. She told him that they had made love three times. Soon followed the man's unrelenting desire to take back what belonged to him. Sexual euphora followed as he made love to his wife in ways that he hadn't in years. 

Sexual discipline at its finest i would say, the ultimate paradox for sexual ecstasy. Cuckold seems to break every law by which a steady relationship is built. But somehow manages to galvanise the sexual attraction between two lovers. Goodbye textbook, hello incomprehensible truth which sounds so wrong it's right. 


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