Vaginal Weightlifting; Beneficial for all

Vaginal Weightlifting; Beneficial for all

The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscle fibres, and just like any other muscles on your body (think triceps, biceps, your squats for your butt, gluts etc), these muscles require exercise to strengthen!
The idea behind vaginal weightlifting isn’t just a woman lifting weights and creating strife within her vagina, but it actually revs up a woman’s sexual energy. It can enlighten and revitalise a woman and even if a woman has no sexual partner, it can really help a woman get in touch with her sexuality.

All women can strengthen their vaginas and pelvic floors, all women can become “tighter”, all women can lubricate and in fact all women can even pop ping pong balls out of their nether regions across the room – this is all achievable all within the realms of Vaginal Weightlifting.  

Just like our stomachs, arms, thighs – if you don’t work out a muscle it will eventually “give up” and become weak, fatty or undefined. And when a muscle is weak, a muscle is more-so numb. This is an easy fix; this is where Vaginal Weightlifting comes into play...

Studies have shown that strengthening that pelvic floor is directly related to the intensity and frequency of a woman’s orgasm. And it’s not just the ladies, it has been proven that a female having a strong pelvic floor will also intensify and strengthen the male’s orgasms too! With the new found strength in her vaginal muscles, she will find herself pleasing and controlling her man like never before ;)

Kim Anami (pictured) is the self proclaimed guru of vaginal weightlifting and is taking the world by storm with her unique weights. She describes the practice like yoga, for your vagina. The strange practice even has backing from Oprah!

The benefits to this bizarre new exercise regime go on and on, from the obvious extra orgasms to the fact that it makes giving birth a whole lot easier! (And speeds up recovery afterwards!)

When a female isn’t feeling 100% “down there”, it will in turn affect how she feels everywhere else... women who were experiencing pains during and after sex, after childbirth, or whilst simply going to the bathroom may have in past been advised it was just a part of being a female, however with today’s medicine and innovation we have found these bodily pains and issues are simply trained with vaginal weightlifting/the strengthening of the pelvic floor.

Many methods are used to improve people’s intimate lives, but vaginal weightlifting is in a world of its own.
By inserting a jade egg into the vagina and using a string to attach objects to lift, you are vaginal weightlifting.
Start small, think a pouch of pebbles and gradually as you strengthen those muscles, you will be able to upgrade your weights. Vaginal weightlifting will allow a woman to integrate her sexual energy into her everyday life, and did you know it’s the secret behind a natural face lift? When you strengthen and pull up the pelvic floor muscles, you create an energetic lift throughout your entire body, which even registers onto your face! This beneficial practice does all of this and more, including eliminating urinary incontinence and assisting a woman in keeping her internal organs (no pelvic organ prolapse)!

Vaginal weightlifting is here to stay and slowly rising in popularity amongst women worldwide! As Kim Anami is making her way around the world on tour showing the wonders of vaginal weightlifting and all the things she can lift with her vagina, think about how beneficial it could be for you!

Guys, this exercise will have your girl making you cum with just her pelvic muscles, it will increase her ability to control and flex her muscles “down there”
Get your girl to exercise her vagina 5 minutes a day and in just one week she’ll be giving you unforgettable pleasure in bed like never before!

So, now you know, time to invest in an egg and start flexing those muscles, eh? 




This is like the P90X of kegels ... it totally makes sense!

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