Tips for Having Amazing Sex in the Shower

Tips for Having Amazing Sex in the Shower

Top Tips for sex in the Shower

Sex in the shower is both amazing and complicated since there’s not much space where the partners can exercise their wildest moves. Moreover, slipperiness can turn an otherwise great experience into a week confined to a bed with a fractured tailbone.


Do those mild obstacles stop us from going at it in the shower? Nope. There are many things you can do to spice it up and make sure you won’t need to call the ambulance. Here are a few things to do in the shower:


Assume Safe Positions

A standing-up doggy style variant is more often than not the go-to position when things get hot in the shower. Why? Because this way, you won’t slip. However, if you feel like you can handle it, you can pick your partner up and put her with the back against the wall.Be careful, though, and spread your feet so you'll have a steadfast balance. What’s more, there are quite a few things you can take a grip of to ensure you won’t go down. Including your girlfriend’s buttocks.


Purchase Shower Sex Props

Nowadays, there are several sex toys to use in the shower. Waterproof handcuffs, footrests that can be locked onto the wall and vibrating sponges are just a few. These can make sex in the shower even better. Those footsrestsshould definitely make it into your accessories, because they can make foot-up positions a lot easier and less tiring than usual.


Harness the Fun of MM

 MM stands for “Mutual Masturbation”, which can be quite fun if done right. This is particularly helpful if sex isn’t really much of an option due to the size of the shower. It still offers some pleasure, therefore you should opt for it as a last resort. 


Wash Each Other

Even though it doesn’t sound sexy, it is and can easily drive the both of you mad. Just feeling the forms of your partner can be a major turn-on. Throw hot water and scented gels into the equation and you’ll have the time of your lives.


Experiment Various Positions

The doggy style works, but don’t settle for that. If you have a large enough shower, there are several positions you can try out, so sex won’t become dull sooner than later. But then again, they should ensure you a fair degree of security.


Final Thoughts

Having sex in the shower is nothing short of gorgeous, but there are two main problems with it: a lack of space and a greater risk of getting your girlfriend pregnant. Sometimes it’s difficult to assess when you’re about to finish with all that water pouring down.


Be extremely cautious. You can have protected sex in the shower, of course, even though it’s not as passionate as its unprotected counterpart. But it’s certainly better to be pleasured safely than having an unwanted pop-up in your lives 9 months later.


With that being said, get to that shower and sex it up.


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