Tickle Torture - From Pain to Pleasure

Tickle Torture - From Pain to Pleasure

If you’re at all ticklish, or just the thought of someone trying to tickle you makes you cringe, you might not want to read this piece, just saying. Tickle torture, defined by a few different sources I’ve found is “the non-consensual use of tickling to abuse, dominate, harass, humiliate or interrogate…”  The unfortunate person having to endure the torture is known to laugh even though they may think it’s a most unpleasant experience, because laughter is actually referred to as a ‘panic reflex.’

Now, if you’re thinking that tickling is all fun and games, well that’s just one more thing you couldn’t be more wrong about. Tickle torture has been around for centuries, and is quite useful for those using it as an interrogation technique. It has been used by Nazi prison guards on inmates by using goose feathers on feet, armpits, between the legs, and other areas of the naked body, then just leaving the victim there to hang and sob.

Other types of tickle torture have been used where the victim’s feet would be dipped in a salt solution then a goat was compelled to lick the salt off the person’s feet, once done, their feet would be dipped again in the solution and the torture would continue. It began simply as tickling, but soon after would turn into a painful experience. Many more instances have been recorded of such atrocities over the years.

Since we’ve touched on the darker side, let’s talk about the fun and fantasy side of tickle torture. Sexual gratification is another solution that can be found using tickle torture, after all, it is a fetish known as tickling fetishism. Naturally, this form of tickling is consensual, as opposed to its counterpart.

There is even a word for getting aroused from being tickled, Knismolagnia, literally means: “arousal from tickling.” Tickle torture, or tickling games, are said to be forms of intimacy because it involves the touching of a person’s body by another person, intimately. It can also be used as a sexual energy outlet the same as adult erotic games, foreplay, and of course sex. Oftentimes, during the tickle games between consensual adults, it can touch the border of BDSM, because the person can either be tied up, or restrained, spread eagle, put in stocks, or even hogtied and then tickle tortured for sexual pleasure. It isn’t unheard of for blindfolds to be used to increase the anxiety and keep up the element of surprise.

As you can clearly see, there are completely different ways of using or enduring tickle torture. Some are for a means to an end, and others are meant strictly for pleasure and fun. Should you decide to indulge in a little tickle fun with your partner, or even within a BDSM community, it’s always a good idea to establish limits and create some safe words. Enjoy!


Written by guest writer: Dawn M.




South African looking for a challenge!!

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