The Tantric Sex Chair

The Tantric Sex Chair

The Tantric Sex Chair

After its appearance at a number of Australian expos, including Sexpo, in the last four or five years, a lot of people have been intrigued by the Tantra Chair. Does it live up to its name? How does it work? If you are one of those people, you'll likely continue to be intrigued as we share a little more juice on a chair that tantric sex afficianados, passionate couples and even escorts and their clients, are keen to test-drive.

The Tantra Chair is inspired by the female form and is designed to enhance the numerous wild and acrobatic sexual positions of the Kama Sutra. The chair is designed in such a way as to adjust pelvic angles for added pleasure and comfort. The curvy arc also allows you to move from one position to another seamlessly, providing great comfort levels and exceptional control of the depths and angles of penetration.

The Tantra Chair promises more pleasurable sensations and more frequent and intense orgasms, opening a whole new world of erotic sensations and titillation. Some of the Kama Sutra's sacred sexual positions require you to be a gymnast to get into them. Several of those positions also need some kind of support, and not all of us are gymnasts – we don’t all have the body strength to hold ourselves in this angle or that. The Tantra chair will help support you on some of those positions, and this chair is essentially explicitly built for that purpose.

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have long legs like a supermodel – the Tantra Chair is made in such a way that you can easily straddle your partner, have your feet on the ground and be comfortable.

The Pro’s pros:

It eliminates the discomfort or instability from most sexual positions.

It increases pleasure for men in some sexual positions without having to dabble around to find the right spot. A perfect example is the cowgirl position. Since the man's upper body is elevated, it increases pressure on the clitoris. What’s great about that is you have your feet on the ground rather than kneeling on a bed. This gives you more control, more circular and back and forth hip movement versus bouncing, which helps you focus on things other than keeping your balance.

Not convinced? Check this website and watch the Tantric Chair films there.

Now, where's that Kama Sutra book when you need it?!

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Where can I buy a tantra chair in Sydney?

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