Straight Male Escorts Go for Gay Male Clients

Straight Male Escorts Go for Gay Male Clients

Male Escorts

Did you know that more and more straight male escorts are now interested in working for gay male clients? Gone were the days when they prefer female clients because nowadays, they have opened their services for prospective gay clients who are willing to pay more for what they offer.


Gay male clients are also open to the idea of hiring straight male escorts especially when they need company for an occasion, a business trip, or a vacation. They do not want to go alone or sometimes, bringing along their partners is the least of their options. This is why many turn to male escorts.


More Fun to Be With

Did you know that gay males are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet? Spending a few hours or a day with them will prove to you that they are fun to be around. They are not clingy and showy and yet they can make you feel important. They treat you like you have known each other for years. They like to party, dance all night long and eat too without worrying about ruining their diet. In addition, you can suggest doing some manly stuff with them too like go on an adrenaline-pumping trip like bungee jumping or white water rafting. Rest assured there is no dull moment in their company.


More Generous Clients

Another obvious reason why straight male escorts are going crazy over gay clients is that they pay generously compared to female clients. They are hiring you for your services and in return, they are willing to pay more especially since you are straight. They want someone they can be proud of in front of their buddies and if you do your job right, you will receive an additional pay or tip from their generous pockets.


Less Demanding

The thing about gay male clients is that they are less demanding than female clients. They do not expect you to bring them dozens of roses or open the door for them. Though they will appreciate the effort just like a female would. They are independent individuals who can take care of themselves.


More Understanding

There is less pressure when it comes to gay male clients. They understand you more than your female clients. They will treat you with more respect, patience, and understanding because they can easily empathize with you. They are very much aware that you’re a professional and perform your job the way you should. They won’t burden you with too much trouble because there’s less drama in their lives.


Of course there are more than what we listed on why some straight male escorts go for gay male clients. Being in the sex industry you know that everyone is really wanting a moment to feel wanted and if you can do that by being a lover or just a friendly companion, why wouldn’t you?


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