Sex and Pain

Sex and Pain

Sex is all about pleasure and people enjoying themselves. For the most part, it involves pleasant sensations and a certain level of adrenaline and excitement. It is the adrenaline rush part that a lot of people also enjoy and some have very different ways of releasing it. While they are looking for pleasure, pain is one thing that can very much have a place.


It depends on the type of pain. A lot of the time, those who are interested in or practice BDSM regularly will be experts of pain and how it can be incorporated into sex. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is important to know that pain is just a different avenue that allows them to get the same kind of thrill. Some people enjoy giving pain to others because it also gives them a rush of sexual excitement. Others enjoy having it done to them. Then there are those who enjoy both giving and receiving.


Pain with Sharp Objects

Pain with sharp objects, particularly scratching, is a very popular method to get the blood flowing. In fact, those who enjoy doing this regularly will often grow their nails in a certain way so that they can “scratch” their partner. This particular act doesn’t even have to be necessarily damaging: it could just involve leaving a couple of scratches. It is the scratching or scraping sensation that gets some people off.

Then there are those who like it to be a little more extreme. Again, strong, sharp nails will often do the job. There is such a thing as getting a sexual thrill from the drawing of blood, which is also something to keep in mind. Knives and other sharp implements can also be used especially if you do not have sharp nails.


Pain with Whips

When it comes to whips, the physical pain aspect is only half of the pleasure. Using a whip has something of a “punishing” element to it, something that a lot of people in the BDSM scene tend to enjoy. Usually, there will be one person who takes a “dominant” lead and will then use the whip to control the other party. So, although there is the excitement of pain involved there is also the feeling of being dominated which is what a lot of people enjoy as well.



Asphyxiation is more commonly known as “choking”. You could say that this is something of an “advanced” level of pain. The pain itself is one thing, however choking is a violent act that not only gives a thrill but can also partially cut off the oxygen supply to the brain. It is here that people tend to experience the best sexual thrill and it can affect them like a drug. Of course, asphyxiation is something that you should only try with someone that you really trust. At the same time, it is highly advised that you do a lot of research before performing it.


Pain in sex does involve a bit of risk, however, if you do it right it can be well worth it.


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