How do Private Girls Keep Their Privacy?

How do Private Girls Keep Their Privacy?

Independent escorts in the modern world have many more personal security concerns than their predecessors. Now that we have the internet and the wonderful world of social media, many private girls can be at risk of confidentiality breaches when they’d prefer to stay under the radar. Some private escorts will work in the sex industry as their main profession, dedicating time and effort to transparency in their advertising and branding. This means that they are willing to show their faces, and any identifying features such as tattoos and piercings. It’s a big call to make when getting into the business. Being on display across the internet unfortunately makes sex workers prime targets for identity theft and stalking. We’ve looked at some of the ways escorts deal with privacy concerns.

Private Girls Keeping Their Business to Themselves

One step in keeping your private life just that – private – is to avoid having your face in your advertising. However, this isn’t preferable for many working ladies (and men) who find that they are more successful with the full exposure. This is the approach to take when you’re open about your job with your friends and family. If you’re not, and someone finds your image on the internet, you risk being outed by a busybody.


Not having your unique features in your photos means you can leave the house with relatively no worries about being recognised. Short of bumping into a client, escorts can remain anonymous with ease by blurring their faces in their ads. There are also certain night spots run by people in the adult industry that take care of others in the business. At these places there is a level of exclusivity and the ability to socialise with people who are accepting of your occupation or work in the same field.


Working from an outcall location or hosting incall clients in a rented space like a hotel helps to maintain a level of secrecy about your actual home address. It’s not a good idea to have clients knowing where you’re from. Although it’s worse case scenario, stalking or having your local area frequented by your clients when you’re not expecting them is not very pleasant. Being choosy in what you reveal on your social media accounts also helps to keep your privacy locked down as an escort. Little hints can point people to your whereabouts, mutual connections and then you’re susceptible to ‘accidental’ bump ins on the streets. Sydney escorts and escorts in Melbourne for example may assume the city has too high a population for such things but the world is a very small place. The volume of clients per week makes for plenty of people out there with knowledge of your face.


There are no sure-fire ways to keep escort work super secret, not in the age of digital media. It’s not easy to live separate lives, just as it’s not easy to be out and open in what you do. The important thing is to do things in full measures, and protect yourself at every step of the way.


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