Age before Beauty 60 and feeling fine

Age before Beauty 60 and feeling fine

As we cautiously approach the twilight of a generation crudely defined by exploding technology, rampant self-promotion and instant gratification, what if the expression "Age before Beauty" roughly translated as first come first served? Time to embrace the pecking order hold the snake oil, premature ejaculation is fast becoming a thing of the past. "Youth is a wonderful tonic, what a crime to waste it on the young" a sex therapist once said. Think mature. Think sexy girls. Think over-60 Sydney escorts 60 and feeling fine, Perth escorts or elegant Crown Casino roulette wheel companions in the prime of their sex lives. Shuffling the pack is a thrill you get a Queen you land an Ace. Men do not quit playing because they grow old. They grow old because they quit playing. There are only two kinds of people in this life those who spend all day bitching about the glass being half full and those who go out and buy a Swarovski.


Glass blowing in Griffith, wine tasting in the Hunter Valley or an erotic massage Sydney soiree, the land of sun and surf has it all. Buff blondes, buxom brunettes, luscious ladies of the night and for those who like to live on the wild side, the Sydney Secret Cross Dressers Society and the Australian BDSM community are regularly screening for new members.


From one wine geek to another that moment when you let a bottle sit prompting it to open up, to arrive at its peak aromatic and textural awesomeness. May female escorts all over the country toast to your collective good fortune, from Macquarie to Bligh, King to Wentworth, connections are forged senses indulged. Online dating takes on a whole new meaning as the clock of enterprise never stops ticking. We adapt or we perish and if that means learning and discovering something new about ourselves so much the better. Forget Mrs. Robinson how about lasting twelve long rounds with Mrs. Robbo? Blue blooded girls of independent means he sang. Yes she rides in Limousines. Nobody is too old for fairy tales. Reiki, Thai massage, Hot Yoga? The Pilates body delivered direct to your own doorstep. No charges for little extras. Perfect. Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? Pointing is rude and Adult Press is in the business of pointing you in the direction of Australia’s best adult entertainment establishments.

"The reason Angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly" - anon

Samantha X, author of saucy novel HOOKED and in demand A-list Madam runs the fabulously successful Samantha X Angels & Heroes, a top escort agency based on chic, integrity and sophistication. Twelve leading Angels handpicked from an array of professional backgrounds with a variety of ages ranging from 25 to 61 years proving that age holds no barrier to fulfilling potential as long as your head is in the right place. "Something I have learnt is that the sex industry isn't just about sex," says Samantha. "I don't necessarily have beautiful women on the books," she adds, "Knowing how to hold a conversation, how to be a good listener and not to judge men on appearance these are the real qualities we look for." In this time of global recession, soaring inflation and rising divorce rates more often than not it is about her girls lending an ear, providing a shoulder to lean on, compassion outranking passion as the defining bedroom quality.


The Taylor Clinic of Double Bay, Bella Vista and Wollongong is a national authority on anti-ageing and is currently launching the newest sensation in female skin product 'Instantly Ageless'. "The perfect blend of science and beauty that actually works" says Dr. Suzan Bekir. "Not everyone needs surgical procedures or wants anti-wrinkle injections, lasers or fillers, this is a great cosmetic option for patients," she adds. Dr. Suzan specializes in laser treatments and skin resurfacing while also lecturing on the cosmetic secrets every bride deserves to know before the wedding day. In a sun-kissed, lucky country where health and relative prosperity are attainable goals for a population majority the issue of career longevity is becoming a hot discussion topic and one spilling over into multiple professions. Adelaide escorts, Melbourne masseuses, Canberra call girls, Sydney sex workers, the list is long and distinguished the personnel the best in the business.


Our friends at Adult Press caught up with former athlete, fitness model and international touring escort Aubrey Black @SYDNEY SEXPO2016 looking super tanned and terrific no surprises there. "I'm probably a little bit of a Grandma," she jokes, "I think I take it for granted how lucky I am to be, you know, so involved in such a dynamic and exciting industry" she continues, reminding us that the statistics are now ranking New Zealand escorts among the very naughtiest in the world while of course regularly daring her willing audience to put the numbers to the test. And the numbers rarely lie. If a Cadillac is no stranger to hard work and Volvo owners are more satisfied, by a similar mathematical rationale is mother experience not a cruel and wicked teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson after, cue the penultimate question? How old are you in dog years? You do the math.





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