Introducing An Unforgettable Experience

My Playmate Escort Directory Australia is here to help you .... Imagine a website that delivers the clients straight to you and guarantees the highest exposure to your profile...Well, it is finally here!




My Playmate is the hottest new Escort & Adult Services Directory in Australia and like nothing you’ve experience before. Packed full of great features for both members and clients, there is never a dull moment! We have a dedicated team here to help and we aim to maximise the exposure to your profile and make sure your playmates can find you. With a beautiful design and features that will make you stand out, clients won’t be able to resist. We made the registration process quick and easy so you spend less time filling out forms and more time with your clients. With endless opportunities to personalise your profile, we know you will not be disappointed!


The countdown is over and My Playmate is ready for you, sign up now at


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Sounds fantastic



Love the site, you guys rock and thanks for the twit Tami



This sounds fantastic

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