How to Improve Your Oral Sex Skills

How to Improve Your Oral Sex Skills

Improving Your Oral Sex Skills

Almost as often as not, men think that performing oral sex on their women is just about licking away from start to finish. While that might be efficient enough, there are certain things you can do to improve your going-down skills. You can’t do that, though, if you haven’t got a thorough understanding of a woman’s body. She doesn’t have just one erogenous point you must take care of when eating her out.


Here are some tips you should consider if you want your girlfriend to be pleasantly surprised every time you go down on her.


Don’t Start with the Obvious

I.e.: don’t go straight for the vagina; it’s the biggest letdown ever. When you have sex, you’re building the tension with foreplay. The same thing should be applied when performing oral sex. Start with the toes, then go slowly across her legs and thighs. When she expects you to focus on the vagina, don’t. Go on the sides for a while and only afterwards set camp between her legs. Teasing can do wonders in bed.


Don’t Rush It

If you’re like “Okay, my turn” after 10 minutes, you can be convinced she’s swearing you in her mind. This is really not something you would want to rush. Take your time and that’ll come back to you in a good way. You should stop only when she says it’s time to stop. Do your thing until then.


Get a Sense of Rhythm

Your tongue shouldn’t rotate like the blades of a helicopter from the start. Start out slowly by moving your tongue from side to side or from the bottom to the top. The clitoris shouldn’t be aroused immediately. She will most probably go insane from all the tension created by not making a touchdown on the clitoris in the first 5 minutes of the act. When you eventually concentrate your tongue on her clitoris, don’t just lick it chaotically, like you hated it.

Rhythm is extremely important: start slow and finish gloriously, but at a good pace.


Sit in a Comfortable Position

If you feel like your neck is about to crack, it’s less likely you’ll do a good job. Lie on your belly and put a tiny pillow under her cervix. This will elevate her genitals to a level where it won’t be uncomfortable to do your job.


Don’t Keep those Arms Idle

Use your arms to stimulate other erogenous points like her breasts, her back and the back of her neck. If you’re doing everything by the book, you’ll have to pray the neighbors aren’t home.


Concluding Remarks

Oral sex is an art and just like any other form of art, it needs constant improvement. Using these tips will certainly step up the game in the bedroom. Whatever you do – we feel like we have to mention this again – don’t go straight for the vagina. It can be extremely annoying for a woman to have her boyfriend between her legs if he didn’t pave the way for it first.


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