How to Become An Escort

How to Become An Escort

Here at, we have gotten a lot of questions about becoming an escort so we’d thought we’d put together a post on how to become an escort. We did our best at giving you everything you need and hopefully answering some questions you may have or didn’t think of. It’s not a definitive list by all means, but we hope it at least answers your questions and gives you the information you need to make your decision to become an escort.

Why do I want to be an escort? Is it for me?

Don’t answer the question on a whim. Sit down with yourself and really dig deep within to answer this question. You could be a sexually liberated woman but can you handle some situations escorting might put you in? Will being an escort be something you make known to others? Will you be leading a double life (keeping your escorting a secret from friends and family)? Family, friends, and others cannot influence you in being an escort, you must decide for you.

Are you going to be a full time or part time escort?

How long do you want to be an escort and how much effort are you willing to put in to the job? Yes, being an escort is a job. Think about your life and what you want from being an escort. Do you want just a summer job? Part time? Weekend job? Whatever your goal is make sure you factor that into your decision.

Should you be an independent escort or an agency escort?

There are pros and cons to each. You have to decide yourself on which is better for you. With an agency, they will advertise, screen clients and handle the business side of being an escort. They also take a cut of your earnings and you have a boss. With being your own boss as an independent escort, you decide on your advertising, you screen the clients, and you run the business side of being an escort. The choice is yours.

Incall or Outcall Escort?

Yes, another decision you have to make (and you thought being an escort was just about sex). If you don’t know the difference, an incall escort means the client comes to you and an outcall escort means you go to the client. Some escorts only offer one or the other and some escorts do both. Just like being an independent or agency escort, both have pros and cons. You have to decide which is better for you or if both sound like good options for you.

Another decision you have to make is this: what will I do as an escort?

Will you perform blow jobs? Will those be covered blow jobs or bare back blow jobs? Will anal be on your list? How about fetishes? BDSM? Girlfriend experience? Facials? Porn star experience? Rimming? Oral sex on you? And the list goes on and on and on. What are you ultimately comfortable with? Sit down and think about what you like and don’t like and what you mind doing versus don’t mind doing. Make a list. This will be what you can offer your potential clients. Of course, your list isn’t set in stone. If you’re open to the client’s fantasy, you can let them know that.

How much do you charge?

As with all the above, do your research. Look at your target market and what other escorts are charging? Be competitive in your prices. Are you charging by the hour or are you going to charge by the experience. Again, look at your competitors.

How do you get clients?

You are offering a service and it’s not going to be instantly known that you are an escort. If you’re with an agency, they market you. If you’re an independent escort, it’s up to you to get your name out there. Escort directories like is a place to get your name out into the escort community. We list your profile in our directory in the area you want to work in or if you’re touring (meaning that you are traveling city to city), we let those looking for an escort know via our social media channels and website. Advertising yourself and getting your name out there increases your business. If the phone isn’t ringing with clients, you’re not promoting yourself well enough. You also want to get and keep regular clients. Your regular clients you see on a weekly or monthly basis could potentially be the backbone of your business with random clients being seen as additional revenue. Also regular clients are more likely to tip well and can be seen as predictable income. Don’t forget about the sex workers community or escort community either. Join them. Review boards are another great place to get your name out. Just like a review of a restaurant can make or break your decision to dine there, a positive review by a client will let others know that you’re a 5 star experience. Another way to get your name out is setting up your own website with newsletter and social media channels. If you’re thinking, but I’m keeping it hidden from my family and friends, there are plenty of escorts who do this well and keep their faces from the spotlight.

Now you’re armed with information on how to become an escort. We wish you the best of luck and hoped we helped enlighten you into the world of being an escort.


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