6 of the Worst Foods That is Killing Your Sex Drive

6 of the Worst Foods That is Killing Your Sex Drive

Top 6 Worst Foods for Sex

Whether you believe it or not, the foods that you eat every day can have an impact on your sex drive and performance. Not just because these foods provide the nourishment you need, but because they affect your psychosomatic and physiological well-being.


In a surprising way, this has been represented by the thinking of the old days where people were given certain natural tonics, herbs, and spices to improve their sex life. Scientific research has also contributed partly to the acceptance of food as a fundamental component contributing to libido enhancement and sexual activeness.


While some foods positively impact our overall desires, some of the things we eat can be detrimental not just to our health, but also on our libido and performance. Here are 6 of the worst foods that are surprisingly sex-drive killers.


Processed Foods

Most of the foods we eat these days go through a processing technique to preserve its shelf life longer. The important elements needed to keep our reproductive system in check are removed. And in today’s time where most food items are instant, we eat products that are saturated with unhealthy fats, which heighten cholesterol levels, leading to heart diseases and Erectile Dysfunction among men.


Beer and Alcohol

Beer and alcohol may get you in the mood for sex, but too much of it can affect your sex drive a lot. Alcohol, for instance, is a known depressant, which can affect a man’s ability to sustain longer erections. It can also dampen libido in women as the effects of alcohol can make you lose interest in sex. Beer, on the other hand, targets the liver’s natural function to metabolize estrogen and androgen levels in the body reducing sex drive.


Sugary Stuff

Too much sugar increases the body’s production of insulin which affects the sex drive of both sexes. The effects in men though are greatly noticeable as they gain more belly fat because of increased estrogen levels and lowered testosterone production. It often leads to diabetes, heart ailments, and ED among others.


Trans Fat Rich Foods

A lot of our diet contains too much trans-fat, which directly affects our sex drive and performance. Both men and women who consume too many foods from restaurants and fast food chains are prone to develop artery clogs that lead to heart attack and aneurysms. Not only do these foods quicken the prospects of an early death, but they also abate sexual pleasure and orgasm.


Spicy Grubs

Research conducted by a university stated that too much spice changes the vaginal smell. Strongly scented and heavily spiced foods are absorbed by the body and the smell manifests itself in the body’s orifices including the sweat glands, breath, and the opening canal in women.

Low-Grade Meat

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and deli meat are all processed to contain some added preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics from their sources. This can bring about many complications to the human body including hormonal imbalance. Too much consumption dampens sex drive and causes some other hormonal issues among women.


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