Downsides of Being a Male Escort

Downsides of Being a Male Escort

Male Escorts

In prostitution business, women drastically outnumber the men. For instance, of the more than 42 million prostitutes in the world, only about 8 million are men. However, the numbers are skewed when you talk about the trafficking of children—which is a dastardly act—because half of them involved boys. The assumption with the gigolo is that it’s pretty much your choice. A good number of them don’t rely on a pimp unlike with women, where 9 in 10 of the female prostitutes are still controlled by a pimp. Of course, nobody of their own accord would sell their body for money except for a very few.


Before you do decide to take the leap and carve your own career as a gigolo considering the following:


1. A Short Shelf Life

For all intents and purposes, you will have a short career because prostitution is a nasty business that puts a premium on youth and looks. The good news, however, is that there’s a huge gap of male escorts in the business right now which means you may earn a lot of money in that short span of time.


2. Limited Client Options

If you are pure heterosexual, you will probably have a steady diet of sex with men. If you are thinking a career like Patrick Dempsey in the 1989 movie, “Loverboy,” you will get a dick-slap in the face to jolt you back to reality. You will suck dick and you will have a dick in your butt. You can choose your clients, of course, but then you won’t earn much.


3. Living a Secret Life

Unless your family and relatives are on it, you will be leading a double life and that can take a toll on anybody. There will be a lot of late night calls, which will prompt questions from your curious parents and friends. You would likely admit that you’re a drug addict than confessing to having taken a dick up in your butt. The social stigma is real and the pressure of living a lie may become a huge burden on you.


4. You Will Likely Destroy Yourself for Future Relationships

In order to perform on the bed with a total stranger, be it male or female, you need to numb yourself. This will prevent you from having any normal relationship, especially with the opposite sex. Forget about having a girlfriend. What’s likely to happen is that you enter into a relationship with a sugar daddy or sugar mommy who will then financially support you.


5. No Health Insurance

You will pay a lot of money on health insurance because you may need it in the future. There’s also no job security here and you are literally risking your life and limb every time you go out and meet a client. There are a lot of weirdos out there. Of course, it’s not all bad news. There some career men who left their jobs and found happiness being male escorts. This job is not for everybody. If you have the constitution for it then, by all means, do your research first before embarking on a career as a gigolo. 



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