The Don’ts of Having Sex for The First Time

The Don’ts of Having Sex for The First Time

The time has come. The big night is upon you – when you shall make love with a woman for the first time. You’re probably carrying a bucket with you to collect the sweat.


We’ve all been there. It’s kind of a “coming of age” ritual everybody goes through at some point. Since you’re a rookie, you’ll definitely find the following tips useful. Here’s what you shouldn’t do, lest you postpone the fun.


  1.       Don’t overthink it


Nobody does it perfectly the first time and that’s that. All of us have been behaving like chimps with palsy on our first night. If your partner hasn’t had sex yet either, she will be as clumsy as you’ll be.


Practice makes perfect, remember? Worrying too much about whether you’ll be good in bed or not increases the chances that you won’t. Sex is the most natural thing in the world apart from sleep and the munchies, so let it be just that: natural.


  1.      Don’t jump straight to it


Foreplay is crucial. Make out first until both of you are on the brink of exploding, but make sure you don’t explode before you actually start having sex. That’ll go on your resume.


Don’t rush it. Yes, you’re as horny as one can be, but she won’t have enough time to get wet. Consequently, it will hurt and it won’t be that good of a memory.




Pulling out at the right moment is a skill you’ll acquire in time. I can’t even begin to explain how badly your life would change if you make a woman pregnant the very first time you’ve had sex. Don’t be a daredevil, you’ll have enough time to prove you know what you’re doing.


It’s true that sex without a condom is considerably better, but it’s a hundred times riskier. You’re as far away from being a pornstar as Pluto is from Terra.


  1.      Don’t think of giving her an orgasm too much


Chances are you won’t give her an orgasm, but that’s 100% okay. It takes time to find out how to do it, so if she doesn’t orgasm the first time, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at sex.


Without a doubt, you’ll both be nervous as hell, but there’s no need to. The first time is tricky and scary and all that, but it’ll get better the more you do it.


  1.      Don’t worry if you wrap it up quickly


You won’t last that long your first time or the second or third, for that matter. Again, that’s okay and it happened to all of us. You’ll finish quickly because you’re anxious and/or excited it’s finally happening.  


Concluding Remarks


Sex is amazing, but having it for the first time is, in most cases, more of a nightmare than a dream come true.


What you have to remember is you should not sweat it. Clumsiness comes as a package deal. You’re neither the first nor the last to have first-time sex, so keep in mind that all of us have been in your shoes and somehow managed to make things work. 


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