Dogging or Voyeurism - Your Choice

Dogging or Voyeurism - Your Choice

What is Dogging? According to sources, dogging is a term coined a few years ago. It is a British English term that someone created meaning having sex in public in possibly a car or in a country park while other people watch. To state the obvious, Dogging has both voyeurism and exhibitionism properties or aspects. Apparently Dogging has spread to other locations as well including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and more. Seems as if it’s a growing fetish like so many others.

Public sex or Dogging is known to be a fantasy of many. The aspect of getting caught or just being watched, gives those engaged in it an adrenaline rush. Danger is often a turn on for many individuals, as much as just being watched by others is a major turn on for some. This is where exhibitionism and voyeurism play a part. Voyeurism is the practice of sexual pleasure from watching others that are naked or engaged in a sexual activity. Exhibitionism is the intention to be noticed by the public by either flashing, or engaging in some type of sexual activity on purpose. Therefore, you can see the similarities that both play in the Dogging craze.

It is a fact the public sex venues, places where you can watch others have sex, have been on the uprise in the UK, possibly due to the laws about public sex since the 1990’s. Laws vary depending on your location and the culture of the land. Some of these laws fall under indecent exposure, or even prostitution. Many of the authorities state that arrest is only used as a last resort according to the Association of Chief Police Officers.

According to the Dogging Central website, those that participate in dogging are mostly couples in their 30’s to 50’s. A large majority of doggers are single men and many are middle class with separate lives from their hobby. Those individuals that are deep into the dogging fetish, post locations that they will be and invite others to watch or join in. As with any fetish, fantasy, or hobby, there are websites dedicated to dogging and its fans.

There you have it, a little insight on the craze of Dogging. Which, I might mention, is much more popular in the UK, but as I said before it is spreading to other locations. As usual, if this is another fetish or fantasy you want to engage in, be sure to research high and low to find out the ins and outs of it. Thanks to the internet, and people everywhere, there is a lot of information online about it. By all means, be careful no matter what you do. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing!


Written by guest writer: Dawn M.


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