Dirty Underwear: Is It Really a Fetish?

Dirty Underwear: Is It Really a Fetish?

While there are a lot of kinks and fetishes out there that may turn heads or cause monocles to drop into brandy, there has been none quite so unusual as the dirty underwear fetish. This may possibly have something to do with the stories of dirty underwear being sold in vending machines in Japan: while it’s probably just as rare over there, there is no doubt that it has sparked many an imagination!

Worn Underwear: Who Buys It?

The vast majority of those who purchase dirty underwear tend to be men – and it tends to be men buying women’s pantyhose and other undergarments. Sometimes bras are also included, although this could sometimes be seen as a specifically different type of fetish, though many enjoy both combinations.

What Do People Get Off On?

There is a whole range of factors that turn people on when it comes to used underwear: just the fact that someone else has worn it is usually one, but the scent can also be a trigger for many. Then there are often other factors, many of which may be specific to the person themselves so it can depend entirely on their own mindset.

Can You Make Money Off Dirty Underwear?

Absolutely! This, of course, does depend on how you market yourself… For the most part, it will be women’s underwear and there are already a lot of people out there who are trying to sell this. If this is something that you might be interested in, it is a good idea to consider just how profitable it will be. Some people don’t even do it for the money but get aroused by the idea of it themselves, which is, of course, something quite a few people are into as well!


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