The Difference Between Escorts and Prostitutes

The Difference Between Escorts and Prostitutes

A lot of people don’t really know the difference between prostitutes (sometimes referred to as “hookers”) and escorts. While they both work in very similar industries and can sometimes cater to very similar (or even the same) needs, they do end up functioning in very different roles. Understanding the difference will also allow customers to discover what it is they’re looking for.

Prostitution – The World’s Oldest Profession?

There are a lot of sources which describe prostitution as the world’s oldest profession… Which can make sense. In essence, it is a role that fulfills a basic sexual need that almost everyone has. Typically, prostitutes are female and their customers are male: in some cases, these roles are reversed. For men who have sex with men, there are also male prostitutes.

Overall, prostitutes tend to provide purely sexual services. This often means that their services are available on an hourly basis, however, this can vary depending on the individual and what the customer is looking for.

Escorts – A More Varied Approach

Escorts are, first and foremost, there to provide their time and their company to customers. In some ways, they can be described as “professional daters”. Some may offer sexual services explicitly, whilst others may only imply it. Often, escorts are taken out by their customers on dinner dates and to various events (they are particularly popular among high-class business professionals). Escorts are typically women, although there are also male escorts which cater to both men and women.

It is clear to see that there is a huge difference between the two and understanding that difference will help customers to determine what they need. In addition, those who are interested in this industry will also be able to decide just what is they wish to offer.


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