Anal Sex - Learn to Enjoy it

Anal Sex - Learn to Enjoy it

Anal Sex. It’s not as black and white as it appears, but it’s certainly, delightfully as bold as it sounds.


We all have arseholes, and sexual desires. Hell, if the male G spot was in his ear I bet his finger would be in there all day, every day. But we take a precaution to obtain pleasure from the almighty arsehole because of the stigma attached to it. It’s often thought of as a forbidden place, somewhat dirty and something that’s of ‘taboo’ conversation. But once we lighten the fuck up and are able to admit we enjoy dabbling in a bit of arse-play, then we can turn that ‘naughty’ dinner table conversation to advise the shocked and curious novice as to how he or she, may enjoy such a rightful delight.


Whether or not you’re with a partner who’s been around for sixteen years or six months, it can be a difficult subject to approach. First and foremost, you have to ensure your partner is comfortable with the idea of being either the deliverer or receiver of your suggestion.


Once you’ve decided to both give it a try, you’ve overcome one of the biggest hurdles. Key element number one is relaxation. Once on mutual ground, you can RELAX. There’s nothing that will make you clam up quicker than someone ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ trying to get it in your butthole with an insincere apology. (Followed by lunch with the girls a week later and screeching “He tried to put it in my arse again!”)

Enjoying Anal Sex

Relaxation and mutual curiosity creates ATMOSPHERE. The anticipation to try something new is exciting, and feels naughty. So when you decide anal sex is for you, you’ll be lost in a heady air of naughtiness, after all, everything considered outside of vanilla sex is considered a bit kinky, right?


OK so the time has come to give your partner a cock-in-the-butt (or it’s time for you to receive it). Naturally the recipient may be more anxious than you, so make that relaxation time useful by indulging in a bit of mutual masturbation. Once aroused, your partner’s going to be a bit more open and relaxed about the idea. And once your cock is hard, well, you won’t really be thinking too much about which hole it’s going into, especially if they’re the instigator.


To enjoy anal sex, you must have a good supply of lube. The arsehole doesn’t get wet when it’s excited like a pussy does, so get it slippery and ready to ride using a condom safe water based lube rather than oil based.


You can also purchase massage oils that are water dispersible that can double as lube. A good idea is to rub each other up and gently slip a finger or two in then gently ease your cock in until he/she is used to it and you can increase the pace a bit. Baby steps.


In a nutshell, the only way to enjoy anal sex is to be comfortable with it. Once you jump over the mental hurdle, the physical becomes easy. Humans are very responsive to touch; it’s just our brains that get in the way of a good time sometimes. So if you’re a novice, have a few drinks, relax, create some ambience and ease your way into anal sex, without rushing.


Good luck, and enjoy. As they say, up the bum, no babies!


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