Top 7 Sexual Fantasies of Women

Top 7 Sexual Fantasies of Women

Contrary to popular belief, women fantasize as much as men, and about some of the same things. Don’t let a women fool you, we can be just as freaky as men, and sometimes more know what I’m talking about you little sex kitten. After scouring the internet, and using my own personal experiences, I came up with the top seven sexual fantasies that we women think about, and of course, I had to share!

Upon reading this list, keep an open mind, because though they are not for everyone, maybe you should give some a try and see what happens. Only if all parties agree that is. Without further adieu, our top fantasies, in no particular order.


  • Domination/Submission--a lot of women like to be held down, tied up, lightly spanked, hair pulled, you name it. No, we’re not talking the whole BDSM scene, just a few love taps in bed or being restricted while your man pleasures every part of your body even places you never knew were erogenous. Let your man have his way with you, within personal limitations of course. Then just think, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!


  • Threesome aka Menage à trois--ahh yes, the infamous threesome that is not gender specific, meaning, we like it as much as the guys do. Whether it’s played out with two men and us or two women and us, either way it’s usually a good time for everyone. Just don’t skip the part where you make certain that personal limitations are not crossed, and practice safely!


  • Sex with a Stranger--we often have this fantasy, especially those of us that used to read romance novels, or still do. No strings attached sex with a complete stranger, safe sex that is. This can be accomplished different ways, either with roleplaying, or actually having sex with a stranger. I know that the latter is kinda out there for some, except those that no longer want the fantasy, they want the reality. I’m also pretty sure a confident women could find the proper candidate, as there is no shortage of sexual men in this world.


  • Sex in Public/Sex Outdoors--don’t look at me like I’m crazy, yes this is a big one for men, but women fantasize about it to. For either gender it’s about the thrill, the possibility of getting caught or being seen by someone else. The risk equals adrenaline, adrenaline equals...well, you know where it leads.


  • Homemade Porn Flick--I admit, I was a little surprised by this one, after all, cameras add 10lbs, don’t they?  Apparently, women like to star in their own, private sex flicks with their partners. Make the flick, then watch the flick, then do what was done on the flick in the first place. It’s our own little secret now isn’t it? I will admit to nothing!


  • Fairy Tale--little girls want to be princesses, ladies want to be queens, and women want to be dominatrixes. Alright, scratch that last part, I was just saying!  The metaphor for this fantasy ranges from a prince on a white stallion to a rich man that truly loves their woman. We all want to be swept up in a fairytale world of our own making, where everything is perfect. A girl can dream can’t she?


  • Lesbian or Bisexual Sex--I guess they’re the same thing, but I’m sure I’d offend someone if I didn’t put it the way I did. Most women fantasize as to what it would be like to explore the body and naughty bits of someone that same sex as they are. We know what we like, and are pretty sure other women would know as well. Will everyone try to have a sexual escapade with someone of the same sex in their lives? I don’t know, because I’m no expert, but the sexcapades I’ve experienced with other women are definitely worth fantasizing about.

There you have it, my list of the top seven sexual fantasies by women. You don’t need to agree, but I’m sure a lot of you will. There are tons more, but these are wrapped up in a nice little bow for you to consider. Enjoy!.  

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Written by guest writer: Dawn M.


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