The 2016 Ultimate Bedroom Bucket List

The 2016 Ultimate Bedroom Bucket List

2016 is the year of the bucket list and what better place to apply it to than the most important room in the house, the boudoir. The bedroom bucket list can also be a great relationship tool whether that may be to repair and re-ignite an unstable partnership or enrich and prolong a stable one. It is all about exploration, pushing boundaries and ultimately sharing new experiences that can bring you closer together in more ways than one! Of course you don’t have to be a couple to have a bucket list, couples and singles alike should enjoy the rush and excitement of pursuing stimulating and wondrous bedroom adventures. In the same way that home décor, hairstyles and late night food cravings always differ from person to person likewise every bedroom bucket list will look different. Experimentation and the art of play are two of the characteristics that define human beings as intelligent beings. Learning is living and living is loving.



January may be the month for New Year resolutions why not make this month the season for a New You resolution. So many people’s resolutions revolve around the quality of physical appearance closely followed by time management practices could it be time for quality and quantity of sex life to become the popular resolution of the moment! An honest, no holds barred bucket list will address the questions of how to improve the quality and maintain the quantity of your sexual adventures. This could touch on the on-going debate over gender issues, body image and emotional health and let’s not forget the facts of the matter that good sex increases your emotional connectivity while at the same time stimulating the immune system and acting as a wildly efficient form of cardiovascular exercise.



Why not put the My Playmate Ultimate Top 15 Bedroom Bucket List to the test?

1.Cyber Sex

Embrace the digital age with an online adventure.


2.Personal Strip Show

Treat your partner like a John and vice versa.


3.Head Massage

Stimulating the senses before you stimulate the senses.


4.Play the Tease

Surprise your lover at an unexpected moment.


5.The Lingerie Party

Have friends over with a strict dress code.


6.Car Sex

Don't forget the reclining seat.



Keep your partner in the dark.


8.Keeping the Lights on

Put yourselves under the spotlight.


9.Threesome with an Escort

Make three a happy crowd.



Dish out some friendly punishment.


11.Public Place

Take a risk take a chance.


12.Office Romance

Push the boundaries of political correctness.


13.Skip Work Sex

Take a sick day for a naughty session.


14.The One Life Stand

Go home with someone you will never see again.


15.Beauty Sleep

Early to bed early to rise!



Some say the secret to a successful relationship is being curious and ultimately being brave to try new things together. Maybe not every single adventure will take you to that special place you have always wanted to visit nevertheless the more new things you can experience in tandem the more complete idea you will have of what works and what doesn't? Who knows that could be the reassurance you have both been waiting for!



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