The Gigolo: Real or Myth?

The Gigolo: Real or Myth?

The gigolo is sometimes seen as a bit of a myth for many people: for the most part, a lot of people will think of escorts when it comes to paying someone for sexual or romantic services. Gigolos, on the other hand, tend to be few and far between – or so many people think.

However, it’s easy to remember that they are simply male escorts and are quite real.

Gigolos are Male Escorts

In practice, male escorts tend not to be very different from female escorts. They offer similar services: company and sexual services. Of course, the company tends to be favored among women who hire male escorts. They want a piece of arm candy and someone to take them out and treat them well: sexual services are sometimes part of the parcel too.

Gay men also use male escorts, and these might be purely for sexual services or for more. It totally depends on what they’re looking for as well. Male escorts will also sometimes involve themselves with couples – both gay and straight.

Advertising and Finding Male Escorts aka The Gigolo

Nowadays there are a lot of places where you can find escorts. is an example has a list of female and male escorts who advertise their services throughout all of Australia. The Internet is usually the best place to go and there are a lot of sites that you can look at to find someone. Bigger cities will usually have the best selection but, depending on how much you are willing to pay, some are also going to travel to come and see you. This is something that you’ll have to discuss with them beforehand.

Always make sure to read their advertisement before organizing anything. See what kind of services you can get and for how much, and then you can begin negotiating a few things!

If you are on, you can click the profile of your dream escort and see what they’re all about, what they have to offer, their availability and pricing. Then you can connect with them via their chosen platform of text, emai, or both!


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