Sex in Polyamorous Relationships

Sex in Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory is something of a hot topic these days. This might have something to do with the fact that people are more open about their sex and love lives. It is thanks to this that many people are open to a relationship that involves more than one partner. Some polyamorous individuals may not even necessarily want or have multiple partners: however, they are certainly open to the idea that their partner could have one. These relationships tend to involve a lot of communication and talking about different aspects and things like jealousy.


Yet there is another topic that people might be interested in and that is sex. Sex is an important part of most romantic relationships and this is no different when it comes to polyamory. Those who are in polyamorous relationships generally have a high level of communication between partners and sex is obviously a part of that communication.


Organising the Rules

When it comes to a polyamorous relationship, it is important partners to talk about what sex means to them. Partners need to express how much sex they actually need or want, as well as with whom. For some people, sex is just an added benefit of a relationship and they aren’t too fussed. Others see it as an intimate act only to be performed with certain people. Other polyamorous couples may implement a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation.


For example, a couple who may consider one another to be each other’s “primary” partners who will probably state that they can only have sex with other people if the other partner approves. Then there are polyamorous individuals who treat sex as something that happens on an individual basis: it doesn’t matter what their partner does, as long as they keep safe.


Rules can, therefore, be very different. It will totally depend on the individual people involved. If you are in a polyamorous partnership then it is a good idea to have conversations about this first.


Protection and Sex

For most people in multiple relationships, this is probably the most important thing to consider. It is very easy to spread STDs and sexual diseases if you are sleeping with multiple people. As a result, most partners will agree to always use condoms with one another. Of course, some might decide to forgo this with a specific partner but use protection with everyone else. This also carries risks, but it is something that everyone needs to discuss.


Another interesting point to consider is testing. Polyamorous people will often tend to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and diseases a lot more frequently than others. This usually means that they will be a lot healthier simply because they are always aware of their status.


Polyamory, or indeed any relationship, needs to have a lot of communication. Partners who know where they stand with one another and who can be open tend to have happier relationships in the long run. In addition, the sex also tends to be a lot better!




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