Seasonal Sex

Seasonal Sex

What is Seasonal Sex?

You may be surprised to learn that the seasons can have a significant effect on your sex life. Whether this is direct or indirect is to be debated, but at the very least mood is something that can end up affecting your libido overall. Depending on the time of year, you may find yourself more into certain types of sex or even relationships. Of course, this also depends on factors in your life but this post is going to focus on how sex can change throughout the year.


Sex in Spring

Spring, in general, gives everything a feeling of growth and new life. You can see this feeling being spread at the start of the season, making everyone more optimistic. And of course, this ends up having an effect on the sex lives of those who experience the spring and its fruitfulness. People who generally have a more upbeat, positive attitude are going to find other parts of their lives will also improve. With a lot of sunlight to enjoy, your mood will be heightened and sex can be fantastic!

You could think of springtime sex as a celebration. During this time, make sure to consider a few special occasions. Maybe try out a new fetish. Maybe see if there is somewhere you can go and have sex outdoors (which in general is healthy… if you make sure not to get caught!). If you want to add a few roleplays to this, then go ahead by all means. There are all kinds of springtime rituals that you can use in order to accentuate the mood of the season.


Sex in Summer

Summertime is a season with a lot of action and a lot of energy. People practically live at the beach every day and there’s plenty of physical activity going on. So, naturally, this is one of the best times of year for sex! Again, this is the perfect time to try sex outdoors. We would, of course, recommend that you find a place where you won’t easily get caught.

Practically speaking, sex in the summer can sometimes get a little uncomfortable due to the amount of heat. So, if you do decide to get frisky during the day then we would recommend a quick dip in the pool afterward. Just in case you have to be somewhere a little later on!


Sex in Autumn and Winter

You could say that both autumn and winter have less “sexual” energy to them and are more focused on coziness and keeping warm. So, sex during this time of year may not be as “vibrant” as it would be during the other seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to spice it up. If it is a little chilly then you can always start off with a bit of cuddling. It is cuddling that usually ends up becoming something more, often turning into foreplay. While this make takes a little more effort, it is nice to have someone to cuddle up with and be warm!


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