Love of Sex and Orientation

Love of Sex and Orientation

Most people in the world love sex and they love it for multiple reasons. Aside from that fact that orgasms and coitus can feel amazing, there are lots of other aspects which many people are into. For some, it is the visuals. You will find that there are people who enjoy having a “pretty” looking partner, or one with a particular type of body. In cases like this, they will look for a partner who has those attributes so that they have something nice to look at during the act.


Others may go more for the likes of sensation. There are a lot of different sensations that you can associate with sex, which go beyond the pleasurable sexual feelings that arise. A lot of people simply enjoy being touched and want to touch others in a specific way, or on specific parts of the body. This particular love of “touch” could be seen as a form of sensuality rather than sexuality, however, both of these themes tend to have a lot in common with one another.


Sex and Orientation

Sexual orientation is generally understood as who or what a person is sexually attracted to. The concept of sexual attraction is something that people don’t really understand and for many, it isn’t that clear-cut. There are some people who know that they are sexually attracted to a particular gender and will therefore not sleep with anyone else. These people are typically referred to as “straight”. In general, most people in the world tend to view themselves as being “monosexual” in that they are only into one gender.


Bisexuals, pansexuals or those who consider themselves to be more “fluid” naturally have a much more diverse sexual orientation. For them, it may not necessarily be about the visuals (although they certainly can appreciate the differences between men and women). At the same time, when it comes to sex they may one night prefer sex with a particular gender and then with another on a different evening. Each person is different, so there are no hard and fast rules about the whole thing.


But what about those who just love sex? This is very much a thing. There are a lot of men, in fact, who enjoy having sex and will have it with almost anyone if they are horny enough. These men don’t identify as gay or even bisexual, but if the opportunity for sex with a man comes up and they like having sex, they will simply have it.


The same can also be said for women. They may enjoy getting a woman off because that’s what their partner wants, or because they simply find it interesting. There is a whole host of reasons. These individuals may never personally subscribe to the idea of being gay or bisexual, however, they do enjoy the act. There is probably a huge difference between a person’s sexual orientation and how much they want sex. Ultimately though, it is up to the person how they define themselves.


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