Is Being an Escort Worthwhile?

Is Being an Escort Worthwhile?

Many people nowadays are aware of escorts and just what they get up to… Although a lot of people also tend to mix them up with general prostitution. In general, an escort is someone who provides their company in exchange for money. The services that an escort offers are a lot more varied and can involve sexual favors but they are not limited to sex and can include just cuddling, providing their company and other services like massage.

How Much Do Escorts Earn?
It depends entirely on the escort and where they happen to live and work. Some escorts can earn thousands a month – but this also depends on the customers that you get, as well as the services that are on offer. So, it is up to you to determine how much you earn. This does involve negotiation as well, but for many people, it can be worth it.

Part Time Escorts
Not everyone who works as an escort does it full time… Some only provide their services at weekends or during certain times of the year for certain clients. It can end up being quite a flexible job if you want it to be, but again this will depend on finding the right customers.

Do Escorts Have to Offer Sexual Services?
Absolutely not, although a lot of them will do depending on the client. This is something that you can put on your page and advertise or something that you can discuss with clients when you meet them.

As you can see, being an escort can be worth it if you want flexibility. There are a lot of possibilities so all you have to do is use a bit of ingenuity and imagination!


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