How to Sext Like a Pro

How to Sext Like a Pro

Sexting Like a Pro

Sexting is cool and can pave the way to some of the most glorious sex sessions you’ve ever had. However, for that to happen, you must know how to do it properly. “I wanna do you” is smoked. So is “God, I’d love to be inside of you” and all these mediocre messages.


Legend has it, people are born to be good at sexting, not made. Wrong. All it takes for you to be the top sexter of the year is take heed of the following pieces of advice.


Sext professionally by:


  • Being in the mood for it

If you get a sext from your boyfriend but you’re not in the mood for that, your replies will be insipid for sure. Sext only when you feel like it. He’ll probably freak out if you don’t say what he expects to hear from you, but you better don’t sext at all then use a ton of clichés.


  • Not underestimating humour

Humour is an aphrodisiac so start laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Drop hot texts but leave room for some flirtatious humour. Make a joke or two and the conversation will go in an entirely new direction.

Don’t do it all the time, though. It’s not stand-up comedy. 


  • Mentioning things you know he/she loves

Not for the entire duration of the conversation, obviously. Just drop a hint in strategic places to entice your partner even more than he/she already is. If he loves to do it in the shower, say how much you’ll like to take it there.

As simple as that. Even though it looks like it’s not such a potent thing to do when sexting, it is because you’re letting him/her know it’s not all about you. You’ll be rewarded for your selflessness.


  • Don’t send nudes

The moment you’ve sent a nude is the moment when you’ve killed the sexting experience. Let your partner imagine you instead of seeing you. Guaranteed, once the two of you meet, things will get hot pretty quickly.

Nudes are best sent when there’s no sexting involved, usually by request. Keep it to words and let the mind create the picture.  


  • Always take it one step further

Say something your partner would never expect you to say. Something so unspeakably filthy that he’ll come to you at 3 A.M. with a fistful of condoms and a crash cart. Spice it up when he least expects it. You’ll “suffer the consequences”.


Hopefully, he’ll surprise you, too. It’s certainly better when you don’t stop amazing each other.


Sexting can serve as a great foreplay. Of course, you need to be unique, creative and inspired to pull off the best sexting the universe has seen. Use these recommendations above and you’ll get a lot better at it.


Just make sure you disable your autocorrect first because things tend to go south when it’s on. There are no rules to sexting, generally, but avoid falling into a routine, lest it loses its appeal.


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