The Different Types of Orgasms You Should Be Having

The Different Types of Orgasms You Should Be Having

What are orgasms? Well, they’re often the ultimate goal when engaging in any sexual act. An orgasm is the climax, the result of many pleasant sensations in your genitals. When they all build up, you (figuratively or literally) explode with pleasure and have an orgasm - or more, if you’re lucky. Science aside, I’m pretty sure they’re one of nature’s greatest gifts to humankind. Now that it’s 2016, we’ve gone through decades, even centuries of sexual evolution and now we’ve got an incredible command over our sexuality. We’re living in the golden age of sexual exploration and now we know that orgasms are available in every way imaginable. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how to get yourself to climax, and as you’ll soon learn there’s more to it than just the G-spot.

Six Different Ways You Can Achieve Orgasm

Clitoral orgasm

Of course, you’re familiar with a clitoris, right? You probably know the way around your own clitoris better than anyone. Basically, the sole purpose of the clitoris is pleasure. Biologically, it doesn’t contribute to procreation. All you have to do to have a clitoral orgasm is place the right amount of pressure, with a simultaneous rubbing or vibration motion in the exact perfect spot. It takes some finesse but once you’ve got your method you’re good to go. It’s common for the clitoris to become swollen and more sensitive after climaxing, making consecutive orgasms easier and much more intense, though often shorter than the first one.

G-spot orgasm

Ah, the old G-spot. It’s been the topic of so many magazine articles, movies, TV show episodes, books. It’s been treated like the Abominable Snowman or Lochness Monster. Unlike these theories, the G-spot is definitely real and if you’ve had some trouble, you will find yours at some stage. The best way is through experimentation! Use toys of all sorts of shapes and sizes at different angles and depths. There are plenty of toys built to stimulate that exact spot, so get to shopping! Once you’re the master of your own orgasmic domain, any anxieties you’ve experienced with partners should ease up and reaching the big O will become easier every time you’re gettin’ it on.

U-spot orgasm

So this one is a little unheard of, a little unorthodox. It’s the urethra, which (as you know) means your pee hole. Looking straight at your vagina, your urethra is pretty much hidden underneath your clitoral hood. It’s surrounded on three sides by the clit, which also happens to go about three to five inches deeper into you than you realise. When the U-spot is tickled or stimulated, the erectile tissue around the opening becomes swollen thanks to a bloodrush. Like anything swollen and erectile, it triggers the Skene’s glands to produce the mysterious liquid that comes out when you squirt. Prostatic fluid, to be specific. It’s the stimulation of the U-spot that can lead to squirting.

Mental Orgasm

Seeing as being able to relax and enjoy sex contributes greatly to our ability to climax, mental orgasms aren’t that far fetched. In simple terms: concentrating and using your imagination to stimulate your favourite erogenous zones can lead you to orgasm. It’s a pretty discreet way to orgasm, if you think about it (sorry, that was too easy). Some say it’s best to practice while you’re comfortable and concentrating on sexual imaginations, while doing pelvic floor exercises. The combination of thought and internal pulsing can bring on a touch-less climax. Think sexy thoughts and how your body would react to them.

Breast/Nipple Orgasm

As much as breasts and nipples are made for the natural biological process of breastfeeding, it’s well-known that they’re very much erogenous zones for women. The pinch, squeeze, bite, lick or massaging of nipples and breasts can send you into a climactic frenzy if you’re a big fan of boob-play.

Anal orgasm

There have been some mixed reports on how good anal is for women, in terms of orgasms and pleasure.The anus itself is incredibly sensitive. It’s full of nerve endings while the anal cavity has been said to be just that - a cavity. No G-spot, or prostate (as is the appeal for male anal stimulation), just a space. However, women can feel just as satisfied from butt stuff as they do from vaginal intercourse. Your butt doesn’t produce ejaculate, or squirt (probably for the best) but after good booty lovin’ you’ll feel exactly the same as you would following any other kind of orgasm. Jelly legs, incredibly wet, all orgasm side effects. Whether it’s mental or the result of indirect G-spot stimulation, it can happen.

Blended orgasm

This is a bonus as it’s not technically based on one specific entry point or pleasure button. Blended orgasms occur when you’re being stimulated in at least two places at once. So for example, while you’re being penetrated and getting ever closer to a g-spot orgasm, using a hand or a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris on the outside can bring you to a double orgasm. It’s not the same as multiple orgasms or cumming consecutively, it’s more like the two different orgasms occurring simultaneously – which makes it feel like one big eruption of pleasure. Apparently, this kind of orgasm can last up to fifteen minutes.


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