5 Sexual Fetishes

5 Sexual Fetishes

My curious mind got me thinking about fetishes, also known as Fetishism, and I came up with a list of them for you. With varying definitions of the word Fetish, I like this one from dictionary.com the best: “any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.”  Any sexual being is aware of what a fetish is, and probably has a fetish of their own.  Thank you dictionary.com for this definition as well for fetishism: “the compulsive use of some object, or part of the body, as a stimulus in the course of attaining sexual gratification, as a shoe, a lock of hair, or underclothes.”

On all of the lists that I perused online and in my fetlife.com group, these are the 5 most popular fetishes I found. Many of these were on multiple lists, which is why they are on this one as well. I admit, I was surprised by some of these, but not all because I know that most people have a freaky side. These are in no particular order, and always seek consent of the person you want to try your fetish out on, the safer the better for everyone.

  • Foot Fetish--pretty self-explanatory, it’s all about the feet. Sucking on toes, licking the toes, pretty feet with painted toes, or even ugly feet with painted toes. Some people love feet and cannot reach their sexual arousal without some foot action in their sexual activities. Honestly, I think this one is pretty close to being one of the top fetishes ever!
  • ABDL (adult baby diaper lover) and Adult Baby--virtually the same thing, but one is more extreme than the other. Adult Babies are just that, adult babies that take the roll of baby to their significant other. Men and Women both have this fetish, contrary to the belief that only men do. ABDL is the same, but the diapers are the main focus here as they role-play the baby for their partner. ABDL and Adult Babies play the baby role as they are taken care of my ‘mommy’, ‘nanny’, ‘daddy’, and so forth. This is much more popular than is realized, and seems to be growing even more.
  • BDSM or Bondage/Spanking games--everyone knows of the BDSM community, it’s HUGE, but sometimes just a little love tap or pair of handcuffs will do the trick for a person. No need to break out the big guns, unless that’s your thing, then more power to you!
  • Rubber/Latex/Leather--I was only a little surprised by the rubber and latex, the leather I knew was coming. While most of us associate these with the BDSM community, not all people do. Some just like the feel of the rubber and latex, or the smell of it and can easily get aroused by it. Same with leather, though I think I know of more people that would wear the leather than the rubber or latex. There is no doubt, Leather is a very powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Swinging and Group Sex--while they are different, they do have the same element-sex with people other than your partner. Group sex is orgy-town, the more the better for the group, and everyone just goes around having fun with everyone else.  Swinging--couples, or singles having sex with other people, maybe not a group of people, but with other couples or singles and so forth. All is consensual.

Well, there you have it, my list of the top 5 fetishes out there in this crazy world. There are so many more that I could list, but we’d be here for years! I hope you enjoyed our little ride into fetish-land.  Remember, if it’s not consensual than don’t do it!


Written by guest writer: Dawn M.


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