5 Best Spots for Outdoor Sex

5 Best Spots for Outdoor Sex

The idea of having outdoor sex will always be appealing for those who are tired of regular sex and want to try something new, something kinky. A “risky adventure” as we like to call it because once you commit to it, there is a slight chance that you will get caught. But that’s what makes it so fun and adrenaline pumping.


We will give you a couple of tips and five best spots for outdoor sex. Just remember that no matter how exciting, kinky and risky it may be, try your best to respect the people around you.


  • In the car

Who knew that owning a car could bring so many benefits? Having sex in the car is nothing new. So, why it is so interesting?


Well, think of it as a mini-bedroom on four wheels. Also, you can park in many places and still have a blast. You can park in a forest, near a lake, even between two apartment blocks. Try your best to find a secluded spot.


  • In a restaurant bathroom

 This spot is rarely used for sex because let’s be honest, some bathrooms are really gross. Young couples that want a quickie in a pub’s bathroom usually get out looking disgusted and shamed about their act. This is why a restaurant bathroom is better. It is cleaner and way more comfortable.


However, try your best not to pick the fanciest or the most populated restaurant. Some people love the idea of almost getting caught, and that’s why it’s kinky for them. However, you might risk getting banned from that restaurant, and if the food was good, it might not be worth it.


Also, try it in restaurants that are not in your hometown so that you won’t become the next day’s paper news.


  • In the hotel

When booking a hotel room, try selecting a room from the 4th floor up. Why? Because, you won’t be using the bed this time, but you will use the balcony. Depending on where you are situated and the buildings around you, you may experience the best outdoor sex in your life. Be careful of peeping neighbours.


  • In an abandoned building

If you know an abandoned building that is not populated by homeless people, kids or construction workers, then you are in luck. However, it can be uncomfortable, so get at least a blanket if you are new to this.


  • In the elevator

Now this one is a bit challenging. You will need an elevator that goes from the first floor to the top, in a skyscraper. Not only that but modern elevators are equipped with video cameras, meaning that you will most likely shoot a porn video and entertain the security guards.


If you do find an old-fashioned elevator in a tall building, be careful not to get caught by the neighbours, workers or other people that call the elevator. While the thought of getting caught is arousing, once you get caught you will feel fifty shades of shame.


So, if you want to spice up your sex life without wasting any money, all you need to do is read the tips listed above and eventually, put them into practice.


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