11 Crazy Pick Up Lines in Australia

11 Crazy Pick Up Lines in Australia

We’ve all heard them, those crazy pick up lines that usually do not work well on the opposite sex, ever. I decided to see if Australia was any different than here in the U.S. as far as cheesy pick up lines go. The answer to that is a big, fat NO!  Cheesy, crazy pick up lines must be international indeed. I thought you guys could all use a good, light-hearted laugh for the day. Keep in mind, these are what I found wandering around on the information highway, if they’ve actually ever been used I do not know. Hope you enjoy my list of Aussie pick up lines!

  • 1. Wait until you see my thunda from down unda!
  • 2. I'll show you why Australia started out as a penal colony.
  • 3. I wanna get lost in your Outback.
  • 4. I'm like a boomerang, I just keep coming back to you.
  • 5. Wanna blow my didgeridoo?
  • 6. I bet you sound like the Tasmanian Devil in bed.
  • 7. Let's spend some koala-ty time together. (Great play on words there slick!)
  • 8. Let's pretend you’re a croc so we can wrestle.
  • 9. Are you Australian? Because you meet all my koala-fications. (Hmm, same guy eh?)
  • 10. Do you have Australian in you? Would you like some? (Wow, original that guy!)
  • 11. Can I give you an Australian kiss? It’s like a French kiss, but Down Under.

Feel free, if you must, to use these lines anywhere in the world, just adapt them to your location. Some of these were really bad, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair, but I had fun finding them for you. Enjoy!

And if you have your own examples, tell us all about it via Twitter or email and we’ll get them on this list!


Written by guest writer: Dawn M.


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