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6 Unusual Sexual Fetishes

There are people who would try to do anything just to reach the pinnacle of orgasm. Nothing is impossible with sex as they say. It may be a strange thing to consider when some people find an ordinary or even a strange things sexually arousing, but it does happen to a few. Often a disguised psychiatric disorder, these people often contemplate more on their hidden desires when given the chance and would do anything just to experience the gratification of fulfilling their fantasies.


Here are some of the weirdest and most unusual sexual fetishes you might not have heard of:



It might not be uncommon to see a young man and old woman having a relationship, but when it goes beyond attraction it can be an unusual sexual fetish. A young person sexually attracted to someone very much older than him is considered as gerontophilia. It might not be an odd thing considering that nothing is impossible with love, but having an elderly for a sexual partner is like having sex with your parent or much worse your grandparents. It defies logic and is the reason why it’s considered as an unusual sexual fetish.



Have you ever heard of the movie from the 80s where a man falls deeply in love with a mannequin? Well, in this case, the mannequin does not become a real-life person. The prevalence may not be well-known, but men are more inclined to develop agalmatophilia than women. This might be because men see perfection in mannequins and want to envision themselves having sex with such type of women.



Nobody wants to get stung by an insect, but some people get aroused from being crawled or stung by an insect. This often involves having the small insect crawl on the genitals and deriving sexual pleasure from the tingling and stinging sensation.  Several reports have been gathered about this unusual sexual fetish including a guy who found masturbating while cockroaches crawled on his thighs sexually stimulating.



This might be the weirdest sexual fetish you might not have heard of, but there are people who find feces sexually arousing. Often called as scat, it is a sexual act where people derive pleasure from passing feces from each other either in the form of consuming them or passing the excrement into each other’s mouth. 



More men suffer from frotteurism than women. This is an act of touching the genitals in public or deriving orgasm in an unsuspecting person. People who have frotteurism are commonly those who are socially withdrawn and have the propensity to masturbate or touch themselves in a social setting. This unusual sexual fetish is often performed with a non-consenting person by rubbing an erect penis on crowded public areas such as the bus or an elevator.



Zoophilia is an erotic desire to have sex with a non-human animal. It is often confused with a common sexual fetish bestiality, which involves having an actual sex with animals. Zoophilia is a particular fetish and is more of being erotically aroused by the thoughts of human to animal sex, while beastiality is the actual sex act.


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