The Sex Technology Habits of Australians

The Sex Technology Habits of Australians

Technology has affected our lives in more ways than one and since it‘s everywhere, it has also massively impacted the sex lives of people all over the world. The significant influence of technology, especially the smartphones and tablets have made its way to controlling an individual’s sex life. Truth is, our sexual culture has evolved and is now being altered by technology.

There’s no denying that Australians are a sexy lot. We love sex and it’s probably one of our biggest preoccupations. I’m pretty sure you’d agree that if we had our way, we'd do it more often. 

The report gathered by the Great Australian Sex Census provides us a fascinating sexual picture of the nation. With over 17,000 Australians surveyed, we learn a great deal about the sex technology habits of Aussies behind closed doors.

In this survey, data showed that 29.6% of Australian men and women have starred in their own sex video (porn stars are we?) and 47.10% have admitted to transferring random nude pictures directly to their mobile phones.

Construction workers are into making sex tapes, whereas transport workers are more inclined in sending nude photos via their mobile phones.

Those who work in defense and employees of emergency service typically keep nude photo of their current partners on their phone and are also most likely to store kinky photos of their ex partners on their phones. Who would have thought?

When it comes to watching porn, Western Australians are really happy viewers at 75.4%, while 62.7of those in the ACT have the least preference when it comes to watching porn.

The survey also reveals more than half of Australians interact with a happy couple who met each other through online dating, and nearly 40seemed to be willing enough to try online dating themselves. It also revealed that nearly a third built an intimate relationship with someone they met online.

On videotaping sex and sending naked photos to their mobile phones, people from the Northern Territory have the highest percentage of 42.2and 59.1respectively. The people of ACT on the other hand, are the least likely to experiment in sex tapes at 26and nude selfies at 41.2%.

It’s really interesting how technology changes the sex habits of people. Sex will never be boring for sure, but maybe, just weirder? 


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