Introduction to Spanking

Introduction to Spanking

Have you been very naughty? Or do you feel from time to time that you should be slapping your hand across some soft butt cheeks? That’s only natural. Spanking is no new craze. Despite its history in literature and culture, it still remains a little bit taboo although highly popular. More than just sporadic smacks on the bum, spanking is an art form. It’s serious business for those who do it properly. Whether it’s your newfound kink or just something you’d like to try, allow us to introduce you to spanking 101.

How You Can Be an Old Hand at Spanking

First of all, whether you’re the spanker or the spankee, establish that being hit on the bum is something both parties want or are willing to try. This is also the perfect moment to mention that a session of spanking should remain exclusive to other sexual activities. In short, this isn’t for a random spank while you’re mid-sex. When you decide to try or practice it, set aside a little period of time where your intended lays across your lap or bent over and you deal thoughtful strikes to their backside.


Hand, Paddle or Whip?

In the beginning, using your hand is recommended. Whips, paddles and other flogging instruments are a little advanced for people who aren’t used to the stinging pain of a spank. The hand-to-butt contact is also a little more intimate, and it means the spanker can feel the tingle. Right or left hand preference is up to the person doing the spanking, and only use one hand at a time. The double-spank is a highly advanced move that can hurt like a mothertrucker if not done properly.


Warm Up the Booty

Massage the bum of the spankee. Get it all soft, warm and responsive to touch. It’s a good way to start the session as it might be too tender for kneading later on. You can get a little hard with your technique, too, as you will be working that flesh in a little while. It’s a good way to gauge how much man-handling they and their bottom are willing to take.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Don’t watch your hand as you swing, but focus on the fleshiest middle section of butt cheek. That’s where you’re aiming for. Swinging blind will almost always end up with misplaced slap and the wrong kind of pain. If you go too high and hit the kidneys, that’s bad. Too low and you’ll make contact with the very sensitive thigh skin. It’s important to concentrate on the right area especially as you get harder and more frequent.


Respond to Body Language

If your spankee cries out or tries to move his or her butt away from your hand after a strong spank, do three things. The first: do not hit that cheek again immediately after. The second: rub the sore side with the palm of your hand to soothe it, so they know you’re aware of your mistake. The third: come at it lighter when you go for the opposite side. Swapping cheeks is important as hitting the same spot over and over can quickly become the wrong kind of painful. If the receiver is crying out with pleasure or even laughing, you can slowly increase the spank strength.



Whether your spanking experience is a one-off or part of a longer session, be mindful of aftercare. When there is pain involved, as well as the trust exchange between individuals in submissive and dominant roles, it’s important to be affectionate afterwards. This just lets your partner know that you care about their physical and emotional wellbeing, as violence and pain can be quite draining and confronting. If there are bruises or welts, tend to them with cream or ice.


Once you’ve become an expert at all things spanking, you can branch out into the leather glove or wooden paddle. The same rules still apply, co-ordination and patience is key. Remember to never spank someone without their express permission, and happy slapping.


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