Is Sex Better Sober?

Is Sex Better Sober?

Do you need to get drunk to have sex?

New studies and surveys say most people do. In the past 6 months, it appeared that 92% of young people who had casual sex were under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol loosens inhibitions, especially during sex. When we are slightly wasted, we feel more adventurous during sex. We’re always ready, always fun and agreeable to do anything and to do it anywhere. A good buzz makes us relax and forget about our body image issues and insecurities – it takes us to that wild kinky ecstasy we’re after. In addition, people appear to have a lot more sex appeal when they drink and they look and feel more attractive too.

Alcohol may help people get over their anxieties and lower their inhibitions, but the booze doesn't really change anything. It may seem like it, but it's not helping people have better sex.

The transition from drunk sex to sober sex can be hard for some people, especially women. Most women don’t feel sexy when they’re sober. Some question why they feel like a slutty flirt when drunk and a cold fish when not. They feel like the sex appeal die when they’re not under the influence of alcohol.

Sober intimacy is a whole new ball game. Having sex drunk can be really fun, but the truth is, when you switch off, its way better. Alcohol can reduce a person’s inhibitions, but it can also reduce how aroused and how turned on a person can get. It can also make achieving orgasm more difficult as well as inhibit female lubrication. Sober sex makes you more aware and in the moment – you’re just on point and it feels really natural. After all, sex is about making that connection as that link will help you in enjoying and appreciating sex.

So, if you’re under the impression that booze is the secret ingredient for great sex, you’re probably wrong. You may want to change things up and get on board to having sober sex and you’ll most likely have some good surprises in store for you.


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