Scarlet Blue Escorts: Ladies Who Work Beyond Midnight

Scarlet Blue Escorts: Ladies Who Work Beyond Midnight

A lucrative trade exists for escorts who are willing to be not just ladies of the night, but who are willing to put in the hard yards and to work through until dawn. Why? Because there are so few of these “scarlet blue” escorts, as the hours before dawn became affectionately known among these deep-black-night working girls.


Where did the practice begin? There’s much debate around whether it was the hookers of San Francisco, New Orleans or Los Angeles who discovered the late night trade was often the most lucrative, or in many cases, one of the easier shifts to handle. The term “scarlet blue hookers” was first used in popular culture on the original Starsky and Hutch TV show starring David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser, when the character of Kenny “Hutch” Hutchinson uttered the phrase “scarlet blue ladies” in Season 3. Later it became more regularly used in the TV show Miami Vice, three times to be exact, but firstly when the cocaine-snorting female character of Crimson Blue found herself edged out of her regular beat by Cuban and Mexican immigrants and so took to the darkest hours being just before the dawn.


Scarlet Blue Escorts Under the Moonlight

Recorded in common parlance in the ghettos of New York, the term scarlet blue escorts has recently found popularity among brothels and escorts in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as more adult venues open which cater to a 24-hour clientele. A scarlet blue escort needs to have certain qualities of character to deal with late night customers - a calm disposition, a patient spirit, and a deeply sensible streak to avoid the addictive pitfalls of that time of the night - an ability to avoid getting hooked on uppers, cocaine and ice, as well as the professional capacity to withstand pressure from customers to release the valve of safe sex practices.


For their part, the scarlet blue escorts we spoke to report there are some benefits of the deep-night-shift. They report that clients stay longer, it’s rare that a client just books for half an hour or even just an hour. Some men will book a scarlet blue sex worker for three, four or even five hours. One lady reported recently that a client booked her from 10pm to 6am and didn’t even want to have sexual intercourse - he was a former refugee from Iraq, now a successful Sydney businessman, whose marriage had recently broken down and so he wanted companionship while he grappled with some mental demons. “He didn’t even want sex,” our scarlet blue call girl reported.


Clients of scarlet blue girls are also more prone to tipping heavily as they appreciate having a beautiful companion listening to their problems and sharing the long dark night with them.


Additionally, and perhaps ironically, often when clients stay longer, they fall asleep and yet still pay for the hour or two that they were sleeping. Even more ironic, clients requiring an escort or brothel visit between 3am and 6am may frequently be high on drugs and so they are unable to get an erection or sustain an erection. “He was so high he couldn’t get it up,” one late night yet very high class hooker told us. “He was absolutely buzzing but his penis had shrunk quite small and so after a few minutes of trying, he just asked me to give him a very gentle massage for the next three hours.”


And yet the greater proportion of clients visiting escorts in these scarlet blue hours are not alcoholic, drug-addled desperadoes on an addictive rush towards oblivion. An inner city Sydney escort reports that many of her pre-dawn clientele are famous actors, rock stars, globe-trotting entrepreneurs and even sometimes just an insomniac family man whose work stresses have got a bit too much so he’s decided to change it up for a night and shift his energies.


Of course it’s not just an endless litany of benefits - the late night scarlet blue lifestyle can prove to be too much for many. It’s not just about the dangers of developing heavy blue bags under your eyes, it’s also not a good lifestyle for an escort in a normal relationship, even more challenging for working mums who may have kids to feed and get off to school. Sleeping all day can be ruinous to your health unless you look after yourself very carefully. A scarlet blue escort who wants longevity in the sex industry should lean towards self-pampering, should not work this shift any more than three times a week, and should keep a check on her physical and mental health - sleeping in the daytime needs a decent sleep mask, neighbours who don’t have barking dogs, and a very understanding life partner to prop you up when time-adjustment mood-swings threaten to derail your sanity.


With these checks and balances in place, your typical scarlet blue courtesans report an ability to enjoy the mysteries of late night human consciousness, where the mind and body can travel to almost astral realms of being. Creativity and dreaminess make great bedmates, and they often get to see the true soul of humanity, acting as psychologists and spiritual healers to clients and even on occasions helping clients move out of self-harm modes. Most late night scarlet ladies feel they have saved a sorrowful man from committing suicide - the job brings its own unique rewards.


So ladies, this scarlet blue option is quite a thing you could give a try. Instead of advertising your services finishing at 3am, why not advertise them starting at midnight and finishing at 6am? And see what comes through the door. It may not be Count Dracula staggering in with blood on his shirt, but an European lord of the manor, his biological clock still on London time, looking for a happy ending but with romantic fairytale dimensions. It happened to Princess Mary at the Slip Inn, it could happen to you.


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