How Good are Classic Positions for Anal Sex?

How Good are Classic Positions for Anal Sex?

Trying out anal sex can be a real test of patience. While there are a few elements that help it go smoothly, being comfortably positioned is definitely one of them. Obviously, you’ll be using plenty of lube, and doing it with a gentle partner who will go at your speed. If it’s your first attempt or if your backdoor adventures are few and far between, it’ll be like starting from scratch each time. Because pretty much every position that you’d use for vaginal sex can be used for anal, doesn’t mean it’s the way to go. Some positions will be perfect at first, then agonisingly painful with a slight angle change. No thank you. Rather than be put off due to poor positioning, we’ve put together a breakdown of the classics, then weighed up the pros and cons as per their suitability to anal.

Classic Positions Rated for Anal Sex

The Spoon

The spoon position is great for anal because from a woman’s perspective, it’s relaxed and comfortable. It’s also intimate and allows for plenty of breast caressing, neck kissing and verbal communication. If it hurts, you need to slow down or you just want to pause to let yourself adjust, spooning is good for that. From this position, you can stop and start when you need to without being stuck or having to separate entirely.



If you’re using missionary for rear entry, you will need to have your butt up a little higher so you’re not flat on your back. Lifting your legs up and over your partner’s shoulders is a great way to get ass-access, but it is tiring and that means more places you’ll be sore afterwards. Grab a pillow for under your butt, which you might already do anyway. A positive to missionary anal is the view, for those who are into that sort of thing. Also, your vagina is right there free to be played with as you go. Sometimes it helps to stimulate your clit during anal sex. Bringing yourself to orgasm before or during will relax your muscles and assist in a smooth entrance.


Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

Anal professionals can ride cowgirl style with the best of them. The downside of being on top for rear entry is the angle which can become real unpleasant if you and your partner become out of sync with your movements. It is good for you as the receiver to control the depth and speed, but it’s also easy to go a little too far without meaning to. Blame gravity for that. Cowgirl positions are good for anal sex when your partner is still and doesn’t surprise thrust. If you’re controlling it, it’s great, but it does take some getting used to.



Gettin’ backdoor action from behind is a classic. It’s very comfortable, you can bend more or less at the knees if need be, depending on how high you need your butt. With a tall partner entering you though, be wary of the angle. If they’re tall or they’re coming in from too high up, that can be an express ticket to painville. Keep your stance consistent and tell your partner not to move up and down. Being caught up in the moment might inspire one or both of you to get a little bit wild. The next thing you know, your hands have slipped and you’re flat on your stomach and if you’re not used to the sensations of anal sex, the switch up can hurt like a bitch.

We could tell you all sorts of anal sex advice to help you along the way, but you’ll decide what’s right for you. The process will be trial and error, so in case of pain let your tender spot rest before you try again. Be gentle with your anus as it is easily torn, and severe butt trauma will put you off anal forever. Try a finger or a sex toy with plenty of lubrication and slowly move it around to get used to the feeling. Know that discomfort or pain is very, very normal. It also subsides after a minute or two, and then it mostly feels pretty good – unless something goes wrong.



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