Part Time Escorting

Part Time Escorting

Escorting has definitely gotten a bad rap throughout history, despite it probably being one of the oldest professions in the world (aside from farming and hunting). And in spite of this, it is still relatively popular across the world. Of course, the term “prostitute” isn’t the only one that is used and more favorable names are often given to those who sell sex: sex workers, ladies of the night (since a large majority tend to be women) and “companions”. “Escorts” are often thrown into the mix, and while some may offer sexual services in exchange for financial compensation, this isn’t always a requirement of the job.

But does it have to be a full-time job? The answer is: it depends. In a lot of countries around the world, it most definitely tends to be illegal or at least floating in a legal gray area. This often means that making a full-time living is difficult, though not too impossible. Even in countries where it is legal, not everyone who engages in this profession wants to actually do it full time.

Part Time Job

Sex workers don’t necessarily have to sell their services from a brothel. Brothels do usually offer a certain level of safety, of course. They are normally well-run and the customers are checked and sometimes interviewed at the door. They’ll usually be introduced to the girls beforehand. And of course, there is someone there should anything happen to go amiss.

Some may only work a few days a week at brothels, but then, of course, there are sex workers who strike out on their own. Often, they can be seen to be advertising in various online sex communities as well as special websites set up for those who may be in need of an agent.

Taxes and Money

When it comes to money, most prostitutes will be working as self-employed individuals and essentially run their own business. This means that they may have another job to support themselves and then get extra money on the side for what they do. And of course, this means that their money is going to be taxed so they have to function as any other freelancer would do. The same goes for those in brothels: usually, they’ll pay a certain amount of their income as a fee to have a room in one of these houses.

As a result, considering this as a career option could end up being quite profitable but it does depend on how many customers you get, how much you charge them and whether or not you are popular. And of course, it is not only women who are able to do this: a few men may often turn to becoming “Gigolos” for a while. When it comes to male prostitution, their clients usually tend to be gay men or men who are looking for another man to spend the night with. The individual themselves has to decide on what it is they feel comfortable with.


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