Get Wet: A Guide to All Things Lube

Get Wet: A Guide to All Things Lube

Let’s start this off by saying that there is nothing wrong with using lube. It is in no way shape or form a sign of inadequacy or laziness (I’m looking at you, Ronda Rousey). There is a plethora of reasons for individuals getting all lubed up. They range from legitimate vaginal dryness caused by medical conditions, or my favourite – it feels great so why the hell not? The lube industry has gone from strength to strength in the past few years, and the possibilities are now endless. With all the options out there, more of us are choosing to incorporate lubrication simply because we want to. Never forget that certain sex acts – for example anal – require lube in order for them to occur with maximum ease and enjoyment on both sides. Due to our varied and complex tastes, there’s a lubricant for everything. They’re not all created equally, though. Let’s go through your options, in the guide to all things slippery.

A Guide to Lube: Finding the Perfect One for You

So there’s no “one size fits all” lubricant, much like there isn’t a perfect condom or contraceptive for everyone. Lubes are formulated differently to facilitate a bit of everything. It is recommended that you do some research and get specific with your choices, rather than hoping one will suit all of your needs. There’s no fun in having to constantly stop to reapply.


Water based

This is the most common type of lube, as it is low irritant and unlike oil based lubricants it won’t wear down latex condoms. They’re also really easy to clean up, aren’t sticky and are super smooth to work with. Their solubility is their downfall however; as they tend to dry out after a while and in that case you’ll need to pause and reapply. Be mindful of the ingredients as glycerine can irritate the vagina. If you notice any stinging during sex or when you’re cleaning up, try a different lube.

There are organic ranges now that include natural plant-based ingredients to avoid the irritation. Water based lubes are the go-to for use with toys, too, as they won’t harm the silicone toys.


Silicone based

Silicone based lubricants are long lasting with a thin texture meaning a little goes a long way and it stays there. The downside is the cleanup can be difficult; use something dry to wipe yourself, because a damp cloth or water will do little to break through the lube barrier you’ve created on your skin. Another tip is to immediately rub soap or body wash onto the affected area before you try to rinse it off. If you don’t manage to get it off post-sex, you’ll be a little greasy for a while afterwards. I’m talking until the next day. Silicone lube shouldn’t be used with silicone sex toys as it causes the toy to deteriorate. Also, try not to get silicone lube on your sheets or it’ll look like you use your linen to wrap McDonald's’ burgers. If you do, apply stain remover or detergent to the spots before washing. Check your brand and reviews if you want to know more.


Oil based

Oil based lubes are not many people’s first choice lube-wise, mainly for the fact they are corrosive to latex condoms as we mentioned before. Their ingredients are apparently not great for vaginal health. Coconut and baby oil, Vaseline, Olive Oil – they’ll slick you up, but they’re probably best saved for your external skin during a massage or when cooking stir fry.


Flavourful and Sensational

Sucking on a mint or brushing your teeth before going down on someone just to give them a cool, fresh blowjob? No longer necessary. I tried to count the amount of lube flavours I’ve encountered and I ran out of fingers and toes. Basically, think of a flavour and it exists in lube form. Salted Caramel? Yep! Cinnamon? You betcha! Cotton Candy? Of course! The newer lines from some brands are even edible. Rather than pouring ice cream topping on someone and attracting ants to their vagina, just go for a sweet delicious lubricant. It won’t harm you to ingest it and it’ll make licking someone that much more pleasurable for both of you. In some cases flavours and sensations will go hand in hand, other times flavoured lube won’t cause any weird warming or cooling feelings on your nether region. That said, the warm and cool lube varieties can cause irritation. Read reviews and product ingredients. You don’t want to invite a nice cool tingle onto your parts and end up feeling like someone poured a tube of Deep-Heat down there. It’s always a matter of personal preference when it comes to flavours and tastes.



Anal lubricants can be water, oil or silicone based. They can be a combination of the first two. They tend to be made with one or more ingredients that will prolong their lubricating qualities. Because the anus is not self-lubricating, that’s pretty important. Also, if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that butts aren’t always as accommodating as their neighbour the vagina. Some anal lubes are formulated with a “numbing agent” to make it a little less uncomfortable. Jojoba extract is one such ingredient, said to have a relaxing effect on the anus. It definitely works better than shampoo! (Don’t use shampoo as lube).


So welcome to the wonderful world of lube. Whatever your reason for incorporating it into your sexual toolkit, it’ll be a much smoother journey from here on out. Eat it, rub it around, and massage it into the skin – it goes all ways. For women, keeping your vagina and anus sufficiently wet during intercourse will keep you from getting sore too quickly. That’s particularly handy if you’re giving your bits a work out regularly. In the sex industry, escorts frequently implement lube. As for anyone else using it, it doesn’t make you a lazy lover – if anything you’re the opposite.


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