The Appeal of Cuckolding in a Relationship

The Appeal of Cuckolding in a Relationship

Cuckolding was once a great source of shame for both man and wife. By definition, it meant to be married to an adulteress; a woman who shamelessly flaunted her infidelity. Being a cuckold, or to be cuckolded by your wife was embarrassing. More recently, cuckolding has emerged as a rather popular fetish and no longer results in either party getting stoned to death - a relief for everyone! These days, men willingly engage in a cuck-style arrangement in their relationships purely as a fetish, but why is this so? It’s not quite the same as being involved in groupsex, threesomes or swinging. Cuckolding commonly involves a level of humiliation for the man. Whether he’s watching his wife have sex with others, or listening to her re-tell her escapades after the fact, the degradation and embarrassment of another man being a better lover to his woman is often the lynchpin in this scenario.

Why Do Men Enjoy the Cuckolding Fantasy?

There are a couple of explanations for the cuckold craze; some claim it to be a throwback to a less evolved time, when monogamy wasn’t ingrained and men felt the competitive urge to have their sperm “win” the race to the egg and impregnate a woman. Others see it as an ego-boost to men who may be insecure in any number of ways (whether it’s physical or emotional) and are turned on seeing their beloved as an object of sexual attention. When it comes down to it, the personality types of a cuckold and his partner create the scene. A willing submissive will be into it for the degradation, whereas a more dominant man would be enjoying seeing his woman getting off. In life and especially when it comes to what turns us on, there are different strokes for different folks and as long as everyone consents, who cares how you get started!

If you’re interested in getting some experience being cuckolded, of course speak to your other half first. Once it’s all above board there, you can find willing participants via adult networking websites or even by hiring a male escort. Should you choose to take the male escort route, check with him first that he’s comfortable with your presence. Whatever you do, don’t book an escort for your wife and surprise him by sitting in the corner pleasuring yourself. By hiring a professional, you avoid involving a friend, and you almost guarantee your wife will be on the receiving end of a sizable dick. Everyone’s a winner!

As with any sexual experiences, playing safe with others is essential. Setting boundaries is a huge must. Open relationships, swinging and polyamory are impossible without trust and communication. Sure, being a cuckold is all about other people making sweet love (or animalistic sex) with your wife, but the emotional connection and bond is still strictly between the two of you.

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